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Length is a measure of distance. In the International System of Quantities, length is any quantity with dimension distance. In most systems of measurement, the unit of length is a base unit, from which other units are derived.
Length is commonly understood to mean the most extended dimension of an object.Length may be distinguished from height, which is vertical extent, and width or breadth, which are the distance from side to side, measuring across the object at right angles to the length.
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  1. The Heretic

    Somewhat arcane Questions: .45-60 *length* case feeding in .45-70 1895 Marlin?

    Most of my reloading is geared towards light loads that I can't buy commercially. I have some Trail Boss for this purpose. In the past I used Bullseye with Dacron on top of the powder to take up space. Reading about the .45-70 and .45-90 I came across the .45-60 and some mention of a few people...
  2. titsonritz

    What is the optimal barrel length for a .280AI barrel?

    I want to pick up a .280AI barrel for my T/C Encore and can't decide on the which length to get. I want the barrel to be long enough to reap the benefits of the cartridge without hitting the point of diminishing return. Factor barrel come in 24", 26" and 28" lengths, but I'll most likely go with...
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