Beater may refer to:

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  1. CountryGent

    Home Engraving?

    I vaguely recall seeing a home engraving kit that came with at least one custom made template. It basically attaches on to the surface of the item you want engraved and you just traced inside said template. Anyone know who makes these? Have you used them for any projects? Alternatives? I...
  2. h4344

    Build Thread  "Beater" AR-15 build

    So just a fun project idea. What parts would i look at for a dirt cheap but still decently reliable AR-15 build? No fancy parts or emphasis on hitting 1 inch groups at 200-300 yards. Just something you can dirty up, drop and have a good time putting lead down range. Part lists are welcome :D
  3. Joe Link

    Do you own a 'beater' AR15?

    First off, a confession: I like pretty guns. After years of insistance by @Kimber Custom, I'm finally taking him up on his offer to attend Project Appleseed event. The first question that came to my mind was which rifle I was going to use for the training. I've had a Colt 6920 for quite some...
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