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Discussion in 'NFA Paperwork & Legal' started by CountryGent, Mar 20, 2019.

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    I vaguely recall seeing a home engraving kit that came with at least one custom made template. It basically attaches on to the surface of the item you want engraved and you just traced inside said template.

    • Anyone know who makes these?
    • Have you used them for any projects?
    • Alternatives?
    I asked because a Form 1 project I'm kicking around I don't particularly care about the engraving looking super fancy; just as long as it meets BATFE guidelines. And I could see using such a device to mark other equipment with identifying information.

    Thanks much.
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  2. Dyjital

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    I used a Dremel and a diamond bit. With a few passes I was within the letter of the law.

    My two cans are ghetto made anyway so the sloppy engraving matched. Now if I did a SBR or something else that was better made, I would have it engraved professionally.
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  3. Reno

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    I’d probably ghetto rig it with harbor freight stamps and a punch. I’m considering form 1’ing a silencer to see if I can beat my 18 month wait on one I bought, with a home brew. I’ve got a set of # and letter punches that would do my engraving for the project.

    Other alternatives would be buying a home laser engraver off the inter webs. Though most of the ones set up to be used with a tablet or smart phone don’t really engrave metal, I’ve read that running the same pattern over and over can get you the required depth.
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  4. Teacher Todd

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    I found a local engraver that charged me $10 to do mine.

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