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Edit: A suitable sportized Enfield has been located. I'm no longer in need of one. Thanks!

I'm looking for an SMLE No.1 rifle for a specific project. I might settle for a No.4, but I'd rather have the forward notch iron sights. The project will involve rechambering and modernizing the rifle into something like this. I don't want to destroy a collectible rifle so I am looking for a gun that is already modified/changed in some way. Plus I don't want to spend a lot on a rifle I will be ripping apart and completely refinishing when a cheap rust-o-matic will do.

I'm willing to buy a real beater here, so this is a good chance to get rid of grampa's old rust bucket. I will also consider buying the rifle in pieces, so if you have an action or bolt or stock laying around I might be able to use that. Contact me here on NWFA if you have something for me to look at.

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