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  1. echo1

    Henry Scope Base Options

    Hi Fellas, Does anyone know if there's a scope base that fits a new model Big Boy Steel, other than the factory unit? I got a Henry base but it's too tall by a lot. I'm thinking Weaver must have something that would work. I'm trying not to do too much fabrication if I can avoid it, and I really...
  2. westcoastal

    Remington model 721 scope base question

    Good morning deplorables, quick question, I'm wanting to change the base on my sons 721. A the screw holes the same on a 721 as they are on a 700 long action?
  3. G

    Side mounted, over barrel scope mount suggestions?

    Hello everyone, I’m looking for suggestions for a side mounted scope base that goes over the barrel; I recently picked up a sporterized Mexican Mauser Model 1936 for pretty cheap and wanted to use the holes already drilled into the side of the receiver instead of getting the front receiver ring...
  4. S

    Help with Zeroing

    Hey all! With all the chaos going on lately I've found time to finally get my new leupold VX5HD 3x15x44 onto my Winchester Model 70 XTR in .300WBY! As exciting as that is to all of us I have come across an issue I have never experienced. While trying to get zeroed, I realized I couldn't lower...
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