A mass shooting is an incident involving multiple victims of firearms-related violence. The United States' Congressional Research Service acknowledges that there is not a broadly accepted definition, and defines a "public mass shooting" as one in which four or more people selected indiscriminately, not including the perpetrator, are killed, echoing the FBI definition of the term "mass murder". Another unofficial definition of a mass shooting is an event involving the shooting (not necessarily resulting in death) of four or more people with no cooling-off period. Related terms include school shooting and massacre. The lack of a single definition can lead to alarmism in the news media, with some reports conflating categories of crimes.
A mass shooting may be committed by individuals or organizations in public or non-public places. Terrorist groups in recent times have used the tactic of mass shootings to fulfill their political aims. Individuals who commit mass shootings may fall into any of a number of categories, including killers of family, of coworkers, of students, and of random strangers. Individuals' motives for shooting vary.
Responses to mass shootings take a variety of forms, depending on the context: number of casualties, the country and political climate, among other factors. Countries such as Australia and the United Kingdom have changed their gun laws in the wake of mass shootings. The news media and other types of media cover mass shootings extensively, and the effect of that coverage has been examined. Unlike these countries, the United States constitution currently prohibits such laws restricting firearm ownership.

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  1. Jason Brown

    When did the term "Mass Shooting" come into favor?

    So I was thinking the other day, when did this term "Mass Shooting" start being spouted about everywhere? I can see several threads on this forum where the poster uses the term. I don't remember hearing it 20 years ago or even 10 so I imagine it must be a rather recent addition. It occurred...
  2. ATCclears

    Other State  Chicago - mass shooting over weekend. Where's the media and the howls from Democrats?...

    Yet Another Mass Shooting Leaves 6 Wounded 6 Wounded After Shooter Opens Fire On Large Crowd In East Garfield Park I know six wounded is not the same as 20 dead, but the selective howls continue. I see a similar bias regarding the recent Dayton, Ohio shooting since that shooter leaned to...
  3. Jcon268

    International  Mass shooting Northern Territory Australia

    Mass shooting with pump action shotgun in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. 4 confirmed dead, maybe additional injured. At least 4 dead in shooting in Australian city of Darwin Darwin mass shooting: At least four dead in Northern Territory mass shooting | The West Australian
  4. slimmer13

    Other State  VA mass shooting

    At least 11 deaths and 6 injuries at Virginia Beach municipal complex, police say; shooter also dead: reports
  5. L84Cabo

    Study of Wounds In Civilian Mass Shooting Fatalities

    This is pretty interesting article in the Truth About Guns...on a study done by the EMS MEd Blog. They took a look at 12 mass public shooting events and analyzed the various wounds. Their conclusion was that few could have been saved had they received immediate medical attention and none died...
  6. arakboss

    Other State  Mass shooting at a bar in Southern California

    California bar shooting leaves 12 dead, including sheriff's sergeant, police say RIP Victims. Gun rights restriction is not the answer. Lunatic suppression may be.
  7. Joe Link

    National  Social Determinants of Health Identify Communities at Risk for Mass Shooting Events

  8. RicInOR

    Other State  Mass Shooting Thwarted? - Diligent Mom

    Instapundit » Blog Archive » WOW: Mom with ‘gut feeling’ stops school shooter before planned attack. Koeberle Bull of Lumberto… Mom with 'gut feeling' stops school shooter before planned attack "Local and state police followed the mom’s tip, and on Thursday, officers drove to the home of...
  9. Joe Link

    National  Mass Shootings in America: Anatomy of a Hyped Statistic

    Mass Shootings in America: Anatomy of a Hyped Statistic | RealClearPolitics
  10. MrRob96

    National  Banning the AR-15 Won't Solve the Mass Shooting Crisis

    Banning the AR-15 Won't Solve the Mass Shooting Crisis - VICE This is an interesting read. Always curious to find the flaw in thinking here. The idea that gun owners are responsible to the public for damage done by others is the downright anthesis of the individual in our society. Because...
  11. awshoot

    International  Toronto, Canada: Mass Shooting (July 23, 2018)

    I'm surprised not to see this yet, so here it is: Toronto mass shooting suspect identified as Faisal Hussain
  12. Koda

    Armed citizens stop mass shooting....

    Heres a story of an armed citizen stopping a murder or potential mass shooting... But what stood out to me was that "two other customers also reportedly pulled their weapons in case they were needed" ...and nobody died from friendly fire. <broken link removed>
  13. Hawaiian

    Mass shooting in NJ. 22 injured

    New Jersey arts festival shooting leaves 22 injured, 1 suspect dead, officials say The report says multiple weapons recovered at the scene. Good thing NJ has such strict gun registration laws. They will be able to easily trace all of the weapons back to the registered owners. Then they can...
  14. RicInOR

    Other State  The System Works IF You Work the System - Mass Shooting Averted

    The Mass Shooting You'll Never Hear About - Bearing Arms
  15. T

    Mass Shooting History

    Ann Coulter: Amazing New Breakthrough to Reduce Mass Shootings
  16. bbbass

    how do you define "mass shooting"?

    Considering there were some questions in a recent thread about mass shooting statistics.
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