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Wife wants to shoot!

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by PaulZ, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. PaulZ

    PaulZ Oregon City Active Member

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    My wife has never fired a gun. She thinks it would be fun to join me and shoot
    some sporting clays.
    Anybody recommend a shot gun for her? She is 5'2" if that makes a difference

    I changed the post and made it clearer. My apologies and thanks for the great advice from the guys who thought my wife would
    shoot a rifle or a handgun!
  2. billdeserthills

    billdeserthills Cave Creek, Arizony Well-Known Member

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    Most people start a valued partner out with a .22, & move up to a 9mm or a .38Sp.
    I let my girlfriend shoot my .357 Sig once & she said "That's It" and never went shooting with me again--Desired Result?
    Well I won't tell!
  3. Blitzkrieg

    Blitzkrieg WA Well-Known Member

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    Definitely a .22. Besides they are cheap and if she gets hooked it won't cost you all that much

    At first :laugh:
  4. Throckmorton

    Throckmorton Florence,Ore ah gone Well-Known Member

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    she wants to start with a shotgun? if so,make it a semi auto,they kick less than pumps,etc.
    Most makers make a 'youth model' of their guns,this would be a good thing to look at for small satured adults too.
    If she's brand new at shooting,just load one shell at a time for a newbie until they UNDERSTAND muzzle control,with a semi.Too many times i"ve seen excited newbies turn to say something and the muzzle goes where there eyes go.
    and be sure to teach her rule number one for clays,,.keep ur head down when shooting.
    Great that she wants to shoot with you,wish mine did.oh well,at least she lets me buy guns. :)
  5. HollisOR

    HollisOR Rural OR, South of Dallas Active Member

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    Cool, be sure it is safe and most important she has fun. A family that shoots together owns more firearms. :)
  6. PaulZ

    PaulZ Oregon City Active Member

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    I have a semi-auto. One of the "Charles Daly" make in Turkey. Thanks Throckmorton, I will give it a whirl!
  7. biggie24420

    biggie24420 Beaverton Oregon Well-Known Member

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    First I must ask if she has a sister lol you are one of the lucky ones because most chicks I have been with don't care about guns and looked down on me because I carried.... hmmmm I wonder why the relationships never worked out lol. A .22 would be my first choice and you go from there.... my first time shooting was a .44 magnum but that's probably too much for a beginner.... she can work her way up to it I guess lol. Just make sure you focus a lot of firearm handling and have a blast muhahahah.
  8. ejmpnu92

    ejmpnu92 Hillsboro, Or Active Member

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    As far as shot guns and shooting clays, have seen some .410 or 20g that would be good, to start out with. Single barrel or o/u. I suggest this because I think a lot of us have seen the video of the woman shooting a semi-auto, and ending up on her arse with at least 3 shots going some where, except at the target. Please teach her the right shooting stance and if she does not take to your instruction, point her in the direction of a formal instructor.
    I do think it is pretty cool that she wants to shoot with you.
  9. glockguy

    glockguy Albany Oregon Well-Known Member

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    i think i have a BB/Pellet gun around somewhere i can hook you up with!:p

    its always nice when the other half enjoys your addiction as much as you do..
  10. deen_ad

    deen_ad Vancouver, WA Well-Known Member

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    I got my wife and step daughter to go to one of the NRA ladies days. They had a great time. Then the step daughter died and I've been unable to get my wife to go shooting again, she says it wouldn't be the same as when her daughter was there.

    So, count yourself lucky that yours WANTS to go shooting!! I wish I could get mine to even try it again.

    8 US Presidents have been NRA members
    80 MILLION gun owners didn't shoot anyone today, a few criminals did!!


    The "Feedback Score" is low by 4, not everyone posts it I guess.

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  11. Collateral

    Collateral Monmouth Member

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    I would recommend a 20 gauge shotgun. Side by side, O/U, or Semi. I think that .410 is to small, 28 gauge too exotic to find cheap ammo for, and single barrels too light.
    Whatever it is, it must fit her (as far as pull length) and may need to have a good kick pad installed.
    If she has not been around firearms, there will also be some gun safety training involved especially where you can/can't point it and when to load/unload as well as use of the safety.
    This could be a golden opportunity for both of you so try and make it a pleasant experience and be prepared for her frustration if she doesn't dust every bird that you throw. Hitting is almost always more fun than missing, so the quicker you can help her get on target the better.
  12. david58

    david58 Oregon Member

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    I would suggest a drive to Salem, to Mitchell's Clays. I have not been there yet, but it has come highly recommended to me, and we are just trying to get the schedule set up. I would suggest it for several reasons:
    • They will rent you a shotgun, so you can use one that fits
    • They have very light target loads available for purchase, keeps the bump factor low
    • A lesson from an expert that isn't you is sometimes good for the relationship, particularly if she doesn't like it or perceives you as being impatient, etc
    • Busting birds is a hoot - I have never known someone that didn't like it

    Be careful....my wife shoots up all the ammo for the AR....the family AR....er, HER AR.:D
  13. boxer13

    boxer13 PNW Active Member

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    Thats awesome, I just took the gf out on Sat. for her first time, (a couple .22s) and she had a lot of fun.

    Nice to get her involved and interested in what I enjoy too.
  14. MrB+

    MrB+ Portland area Member

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    Second this. On my one time out shooting shotguns with friends, I went 0 for 20, in part because I had no idea where my shots were going. (The other part is 'cause I suck at it.) If you, or better someone else, can help her get zero'd in, it'll make it that much more fun.

  15. Smoke It

    Smoke It northwest New Member

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    You better be on your best behavior when she does learn to shoot.
  16. joeroket

    joeroket Everett,Wa. Active Member

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    I agree with this. A .410 would be a great start for a small gal like your wife. As far as it being to small I would argue that. I can shoot clay all day long with a .410 and have very few misses.
  17. pokobt

    pokobt N. Coast Oregon Member

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    My .02: I always start someone new out on a .22 rifle- open sights. They can earn a scope over time. This is for basic rifle skills; safety, handling, aiming, hitting, getting really comfortable while having fun for cheap. If the goal is a shotgun- work toward a 20 gauge. A .410 is for experts- yeah a bunch of us started on one as a kid (mainly because we didn't have a rack to choose from, that was the shotgun), but you have to really know what you are doing to hit consistenly with these little guys. And .410 shells are harder to find and more expensive. A 20 gauge provides a good change of a more consistent hit, lots of ammo options including reduced recoil all the way up to super hot Turkey loads, cheap ammo- and lots of 20 gauge shotgun makes and models to choose from that won't cost you a fortune in case she later changes her mind. I also second the idea of a pump, over-under, or semi-auto- something she likes and feels good about shooting.
    Happy shopping!
  18. sadiesassy

    sadiesassy Prescott Active Member

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    I grew up and migrated from Double barrel 410 to double barrel 20 ga.
    410's are expensive , but recoil is not bad
    I think a 20 ga woud be goodp lace to start.

    Do you have aplace to go for clays- where they have a beginner station?
    I know TCGC has a learner station
  19. rusobr2

    rusobr2 prineville,or Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    your a lucky man "paulz" ! it's great when the other half wants to join in , or the kids ! think about a safety course for her or kids . i find in life sometimes it's easier for someone else to tell my wife what to do! LOL! my wife (bless her) she knows when it's a "guy" day for shooting , and when it's her, and me day ! for your wife to come "out of the gate" with a shotgun is a big deal though! i started mine off little , and then worked up . to each his own though .

    good luck with all.....steven
  20. Throckmorton

    Throckmorton Florence,Ore ah gone Well-Known Member

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    I"M not so sure that starting someone out with a .22 rifle,who is mainly looking to shoot clays,is that great an idea.Rifles,you aim,squeeze trigger,hold steady,etc.
    clays,you are always keepiing the gun moving,and 'slap' the trigger at the appropriate time..gently of course. to me they are 2 entirely different shooting skills.
    With a rifle you can take all the time u want to line up the sights and squeeze off the shot. with clays,it's point and click very quckly or it's 'lost'...missed.

    the important thing is that she wants to go,you lucky devil !