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Thanks for the heads-up!

I will sign it but it looks like the Trump White House quit acknowledging these petitions. There were many petitions that were negative towards the administration.
It may not do any good, but it can't hurt.
Same as voting...
If for no other reason than to be able to bust caps in good conscience when peaceful means are exhausted by us and abrogated by them. :mad:
THIS BURNS MY AZZ......It was a good tactical maneuver "that wasnt even seen coming" when we were calling YOU to arms in Oregon to go county by county with a SAPO measure TO PROTECT OUR WEST COAST STATES THAT ARE UNDER ATTACK....grrrrrrrrrrr BUT you Oregonians & Washington gun owners pizzed all over the idea and "we" only protected 7 counties in Oregon

go play in the parades with your AR 15's on display which is regarded as a threat and you look the fools when the media plays you all.... to look like the gun nuts the liberals fear

NOW YOUR WILLING to sign a petition????..... now that it can be lazily done online as opposed to gathering signatures and talking to people in your counties that may ACTUALLY LISTEN TO YOU

yeah go ahead and get angry with my disparaging posts...I know the truth hurts but your support is weak and insincere and you deserve a little pain!

maybe you dont deserve your rights...lazy, greedy people always think they can get something for free.
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