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    OK, I admit, the headline was to get you to read this. Yes, I
    am one of those jerkwads. Anyway, now that you're here...
    Well all know what condition yellow IS: "relaxed awareness."

    But if you don't know what to be aware OF, simple awareness may not be enough.

    Lot's of very smart people haven't "been around the block."

    For instance: A group of rough looking guys riding Harleys rides up next to you as your putting the pump into your tank at the gas station:

    1: They all have "HOG" with an American eagle over the top in PATCHES! on their vests. Is this a EXTRA yellow alert?

    2. They all have MONGOL on their vests/bikes/hoodies with a cute little cartoon caricature of a guy with a topknot on them. Is THIS an "Extra" yellow alert?

    The answer is that most of our students don't know. (1 is NO, it's the Harley Owners Group, who is no more "outlaw" than your aunt Mathilda. 2. Is HELL yes. This is a serious 1%er outlaw club to be VERY careful about. They aren't likely to molest you, but DO NOT do anything to make them angry. -BAD things will happen.

    The answer, when in doubt, as many of us frequently will be, is to rely on your intuition. If you're gut is telling you to be afraid? There probably IS a reason for you to be afraid. Because our subconscious is an amazing ALLY.

    LEAVE as soon as possible. And if that means you thought you were going to be gang-raped by the HOG? Well, you'll feel silly when you look up the name on Google. But you WILL be safe.

    Ignore it? Then you say something rude in response to one of the Mongols who you perceived as being rude to you first. And you just might wake up in the hospital after that mistake.

    There was an earlier thread on threat recognition which I thought was awesome. But learning to pay attention to our intuition and "gut" Will keep us out of a LOT of trouble. It's not enough to be "aware." You also need to know what to be aware OF. And you also need to learn to trust your instincts. You have them for a REASON.

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