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    So yesterday I was thinking about buying a gun from a friend of a friend kinda guy. They guy was a little "shady", so I asked if he would give me a bill of sale, he said he didn't want to, but I could run the SN to see if it was stolen. I called the ATF, 3 Sheriffs offices, OSP, and the local PD and nobody would help me out! Lame-O gun shop in Mac wouldn't help either. Guncrafters said if I brought it to them, they would call it in, but I wasn't driving to Salem for that. The ATF guy told me "buying a used gun is like a leap of faith"! Why can't they help me out? I passed on the gun cause it was a little fishy. A Taurus 1911 w/CTC grips for 375...
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    If it sounds too good to be true....
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    I have called in to this system before, I can't remember if this is the same phone number but it should help you out (please note the bold portion about private citizens). Oh by the way, I would never buy from someone who would not complete a bill of sale and have the appropriate ID information and ... Sounds like you were wise to pass on that one.
    Firearms Instant Check System (FICS)


    The Firearms Unit provides a service to all Federally Licensed Firearms dealers in the state of Oregon by conducting the Firearms Instant Check backgrounds on persons attempting to purchase a firearm (ORS 166.412). Records of the transactions are kept for five years and are used for criminal investigation purposes only. A law enforcement agency can make an inquiry on a specific person or a specific firearm if the inquiry is directly related to a criminal investigation. This database is exempt from public inspection. The funding for this Unit is based on a current user fee of $10.00 per transaction. The Firearms Unit is open from 8am to 10pm every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas as mandated by law. The unit is also responsible for conducting background checks for private party sales at gun shows.

    The Firearms Unit is responsible for processing stolen gun checks against the stolen weapons files in LEDS and NCIC for the dealers and any private citizen requesting this service. There is no fee for processing the stolen gun checks. To check a firearm against the stolen record files, call 503-378-3070.
    Important Phone Numbers:
    FICS Instant Check (And Stolen Gun Checks) 1-800-432-5059
    Local Alternate FICS Instant Check Number (For use when cell phone does not allow an 800 number)
    Challenge Line (for denied or pended call inquiries) 503-373-1808 x327
    FICS Unit Manager 503-373-1808 x418
    FICS Unit Supervisor 503-373-1808 x400
    OSP Firearms Instant Check Fax 503-370-8584

    Firearms Forms
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    Thanks for the number. The guy said he wasn't suppose to have guns and didn't want anything to come back to him. It didn't ease my mind any when he handed me the gun and kept talking to some guy. I checked to see if it was loaded, not expecting it to be, and it was, nice of him to tell me, even had one in the chamber. He then went on to tell me that his brother got it from a friend in WA in a "trade". He was trying to sell it for his brother, that owed him money. I don't know the guys and was there with a friend who didn't know the guys either (he knew somebody else there). I didn't want to get involved with it, so I didn't call anybody, but I did start into it with the ATF guy and he just blew it off. So, if they don't want any info, o well.
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    Do you have the guys number? I'll buy it!
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    The records department of any Sheriffs Office or Police Dept. should run the serial number for you though both LEDs/NCIC without a problem.
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    I'm surprised the Sheriff's office did not help you out. Last year I came into a nice shotgun that had a spotty "pedigree". I called the Washington county Sheriff's office and they ran the info for me. With the caveat that if there was a problem that they would be "right over to pick it up".

    BTW All clear.
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    If you were looking for a sign to steer clear, that was it...
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    Yeppers...probably a hot gun to go through some hands like that with a pricetag like that anyways.

    Just had a friend that bought a firearm from a co-worker...he was paying him by the month then suddenly the guy wanted it all at once.

    The next week a Sheriff's Deputy came to his house for the gun...that thing was white-hot. Before you blame my friend for purchasing it, note that he did check on it first (it just wasn't reported stollen yet) and that the co-worker was another security officer.
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    Below is the number to call, you must be in possession of the gun to do it though. and the dealer who told you "you must bring it in" is correct also. I would have to tell you the same thing. But the state police will run it for free.

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    I have called the Oregon State Police on firearm transfer issues a few times in the last couple of years. The have always been perfectly courteous and friendly---and efficient. The folks who work there obviously support my right to own guns, and are grateful that I only want "clean ones"........................elsullo :thumbup:

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