Spiffy's restaurant


Saw a blurb on facebook about a restaurant south of Chehalis defeying the guv inslee new rules. Seems some armed individuals showed up and the bureau of labor and industry skedaddled. From what I read, the Sheriff has refused to help L&I out and is keeping a eye on the situation. Personally I think people are fed up with government, well, some people. I wish they were a little closer, I'd certainly run over and grab a burger and show some support.
If there was a place in my county doing this I would make a point of eating there all the damn time. Sadly almost all of the public has been willing to lay down and beg to not be beaten any more. So law makers who used to only dream of total control now have gotten a real good taste of it and man do they every love it. A lot of people support the law makers who do this. I have long said most no longer yearn for freedom. They instead yearn to be taken care of. Promise to take care of them, with some threats tossed in for good measure? The masses have lined up to say "I am your subject". Sadly no longer sure this will turn around again now. :mad:
I've eaten there...and in the words of Samuel L. Jackson :
"Now that''s a tasty burger"....:D

I do agree that many folks are getting tired of mandates and being told what and how to do things...

A Royal with cheese.....

I also dig what it says on his (Sammy’s) wallet. :D


Made you look! :s0140:
After you finish your meal at Spiffy's . If you don't get and walk out the door with a whole Deep Dish Apple Pie to take home, you be going straight to Hell for that wrongdoing .
See, now you’ve gone and done it. I have driven 150 miles out of my way for a pizza, and I’ll swim the ocean for a good apple pie. Now on my list.


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