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I took two weeks off of work to take my grandson back to Upstate New York for small game hunting and a week & a half for trapping Fisher, Fox, Coyote and maybe Bobcat.

We flew into Syracuse yesterday, stopped by a big Bass Pro store on the way back to my brothers. We went out hunting early this morning and my grandson connected with four gray squirrels with my brother's Ithaca model 66 -20 gauge shotgun.
After a few more we will bake some up in the oven with Shake n Bake for chicken.
Then we will make a nice big pot of either squirrel soup or stew.

We seen a nice big whitetail doe with a yearling
Then on the way back to my brother's place a yearling ran across the road in front of us.
My brother almost smacked it with his SUV.

We'll see what tomorrow has to offer.
We are hunting in the shag bark hickory section of the woods.




We set out three 160 conibear traps and a 1 1/2 coilspring trap monday. We connected with a 10 pound female Fisher yesterday.

We got three inches of rain yesterday and there was a lot of flooding in the area.

This morning is overcast with a lot of humidity.
Checked the traps and all empty. We will be setting more out today.

We just got to our favorite squirrel hunting spot and less then a minute Mason harvested a gray squirrel.

I'll add a picture after we go pick it up.
20211026_172624.jpg 20211026_172608.jpg 20211026_171820.jpg 20211027_074023.jpg 20211027_080918.jpg
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