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    I'm a member of several charities and organizations which are non-profits.

    I'm not going to say which one, but I got an email from one today talking about 'ending gun violence.' So, I wrote them informed them that while their other topics focused on humans, their actions and freedoms they should have this campaign ignored that rational thought and focused on items. Thus, I informed them, I'm dropping them as someone I'm supporting.

    So, what about other people? Start writing the groups you support. Tell them your feelings that they will lose your money if they come out against rational clam dialog and exchange it for irrational rhetoric.

    Get active people, if we really do have 80 to 100 million gun owners, or 40 to 50 million gun owners, then we need to get much more vocal. Start writing people. Hit them in the pocket book. Don't rant and rave, (darn you Alex Jones) just stick to the facts that they will lose your money.

    In closing, it is ironic that several of these groups which are starting to clamor to remove one right, don't seem to connect the 2nd amendment with all of the other rights. While the vast majority of gun owners never want to be forced to use force to protect their rights, many of us understand that force sometimes is required to protect all of our rights.

    Oh, btw, keep writing your State and Federal Representatives and Senators as well, just start writing everyone else as well.
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