How often do you replace your DC ammo?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Kimber Custom, Mar 5, 2010.

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    I carry Federal hydra shock's. At over a buck a round I try to make it last but I'm starting to notice tarnish on the copper jackets.

    How oftend do you change out the rounds in your daily carry?

    Side note, anyone know where I can find some FHS in .45 ACP locally?
  2. Boats

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    The self defense ammo I carry, (Speer Gold Dot or Rem. Golden Saber depending on caliber), is all nickel cased with sealed primers so I don't have to worry much about it. Bullet jackets dulling up is no concern because the underlying metal is not seriously damaged by tarnish.

    It all gets rotated out (shot) twice a year, provided I already have more on hand.
  3. longcolt

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    I have carried the same defensive ammo for many years in several guns. I will make sure that the cases are clean and lack any corrosion.

    I have ammo that I have reloaded and or stocked since the 1970's and never experienced an increased rate of misfires due to the age of my ammo. I do take care of it and keep it within a certain temp range.

    I do fully understand that experts advise you to rotate your ammo. It has been my experience that I run just as much of a risk getting a bad batch of new ammo as I do the older stuff I stock. Just my personal experience in over 40 years of shooting and reloading.

    I will buy top quality defensive ammo for my carry weapons and stick with it until I decide to run a test and shoot it up.
  4. The Quiet Man

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    +1. Same experience here. My high-end carry ammo is 15 years old and I have complete confidence that it will go bang when I squeeze the trigger. I have seen ads for it where it is now referred to as "collectible" but I see no reason to retire it when it is perfectly functional and effective. Wanting new ammo is one thing but "needing it" is another unless it has been damaged in some way.
  5. Riot

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    Between 6 months to a year...I have some ammo that I've had since about 2003, I went and fired them a few weeks ago and they still fired fine. As long as you keep them out of the elements (mainly moisture) they'll be fine.

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