How many guns do you take when you go shooting?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by ripcity, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. ripcity

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    I am wondering how many guns do you take when you go shooting for the day in the woods? It seems like I'm a bit of a over packer. I like to take a lot of my guns. Pretty quick it seems like I almost have a truck load with ammo cans, guns, and targets such as clay pigeons and the thrower that goes in my receiver. My thinking is if I forget to bring it that would be the gun I wanted to shoot. I'm just curious to see how many guns others take with them?
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  2. biggie24420

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    I take my AR, AK, and my Glock.... since that's all I have for now. I did learn a lesson though.... from now on I will always carry a few fully loaded AK mags. A buddy of mine and I went shooting in the woods one day... some mofo decided to lock up a gate after us and leave. To one side we had the cliff and to the other side we had the side of the mountain. There were no signs indicating that it was private property or if there was a time limit or anything.... just a metal swing gate. There were other people at that location shooting that day. Without having to go into detail.... I had some extra AK ammo with me and I ended up using the AK to find my way to freedom. If I didn't have extra ammo and we had a medical emergency, we would have been SOL. The guy who closed the gate on us... if I ever find who it was, they are gonna get an ear full from me.... that was so not cool.
    I always carry a few loaded mags for my self defense pistol when I go shooting. I think it would be dumb to go shooting and not have some ammo on the side just in case something goes down.... now days you never know who is watching you and if anyone ever tries to steal my guns, they have to kill me first.... just saying lol.
    Also it would be smart to have an emergency medical kit, some MREs or whatever, a full tank of gas and emergency clothing if possible.... I would hate to get stock out in the woods at night, specially at a location where there is no phone reception.
  3. krkruse

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    well if Im alone I take only the ones I know ill be working with. Wednesday, I think. I just took My AR, and S&W Model 10, and an XD40 SC just in case.
    But if I have company ( even more so if they are people with out guns) Ill usually bring a lot of extras. This includes 10/22s extra shotguns and wide selection of who knows what.

    Better to have and not need than to need and not have.
  4. spikedzombies


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    I'll take everything that will fit in the truck.

    Sent vs Mytouch 4G
  5. Abiqua

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    Whatever I feel like cleaning when I'm done, usually two or three.
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  6. ejmpnu92

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    Depends on what I have ammo for, which ones I feel like cleaning and what I feel like shooting.
  7. eldbillbo

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    Interesting story something like that happened to a friend of mine . He and his buddy went and shot at this pit to zero their hunting rifles . This pit is common to shooters . well some guys were up archery hunting in the area they all had some words about it , archery guys upset about the shooting and the shooters saying hey this is a shooting area go hunt somewhere else . well there is only one road in and the archery guys cut down a a large tree that fell over the road . They had to walk a couple miles to find reception to get another truck and a wench up there to move the tree enough to get out.
  8. FORKLIFT252

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    I take to many. LOL
  9. oldbrass

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    what ever I have ammo for
  10. Mark W.

    Mark W.
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    Don't go in the woods to go shooting to many morons with guns. When I go to the club to shoot I take from 1 to maybe 4-5 firearms. Whos going with me, Am I shooting handguns or rifles, long range or short range, indoor or out.
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  11. doubletap007

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    i took 4 today,2 ar's and 2 1911's.if i take kids with me i always bring a shotgun so they can waste target loads rather than bullets the whole seem to like shotguns for some reason and i dont mind not using all my ar ammo.

    pre hunting season i will bring a hunting rifle to site in and get accurate,but usually i enjoy shooting an ar way more than a bolt gun so they stay home an i shoot ar's.
  12. Misterbill

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    Depends how long I'm going to be out there and what I'm going for.

    My normal practice days I only bring my carry gun. It's the gun I'll actually use in a self defense situation and that';s the gun I want to keep in top form with. If I'm going out for an extended session I usually bring 2-3 extra guns and run drills with all of them. Lately I've been working on my fairly weak revolver skills any time I get a chance after normal practice.

    Other than in the heat of the summer I rarely "plink." I usually go out with a specific set of skills I'm trying to improve. Even with minimal time put into it, a consistent set of drills will build skills pretty reliably.
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  13. madcratebuilder

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    More than I feel like cleaning when I get home! Normal range trip is 6 hand guns and 4 rifles more or lass.
  14. sandman1212

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    usually i take 4 or five, but depends on how I am feeling and who I have with me. I take enough guns in as many calibers as it takes to enjoy my self and everyone that is going to enjoy themselves too.
  15. jvbutter

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    depends on how many people come along.. just me and my lady, only 2-4 pistols, and 2-3 rifles... I use to take the whole arsenal, but soon realized that was way to many, not all would get shot.
  16. B-Towner

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    I take two. My .22 Buckmark pistol is always one of them. I kind of alternate on the others.
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  17. mjbskwim

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    Biggie,you do understand if they catch 'whoever shot that lock off' that they could have charges against you right? I mean since it was obviously private property.
    Giving a land owner an earfull would probably get you arrested for trespassing the next time he saw ya
    My daddy always told me to watch the gates cause they can get swung shut at any time.

    Just saying

    So as for the question at hand

    I would listen to the news and hear about some guy that "had 9 rifles and 7 handguns and 1000 rounds of ammo!!!" being arrested for whatever. I always wondered what they would say if I got stopped

    I always seem to have most everything that will fit and 3/4 of the ammo for each gun.I am down in numbers right now but have gone shooting with at least 10 long guns and 10 handguns. And 1500 rounds probably.

    Had something terrible happened,I'm sure I would have been on the news or now a guy would have the FBI at their hospital bedside asking what's up
  18. Spitpatch

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    It seems to be a belief here that in order to go shooting, one has the right to go through an open gate, shoot, and if when one returns, the gate is locked, destroy the gate. I would remind biggie (and others) of trespass law which stipulates private property can be indicated by "fence, ditch, water, or any other line indicating seperation from surrounding territory". Signs indicating private property (or "hours of operation" such as one might find on the front door of WalMart) are not in any way required. Metal swing gate (open or closed), I would submit would be recognized instantly in court as falling within this category of property lines. Certainly, the remote hypothetical of a medical emergency might receive some consideration when trespass/criminal mischief charges are brought. We all share a responsibility to know if we are on private land, and if allowed access, to treat it better than our own. I wonder (with some evidence here to support my wonder) if all the brass and targets from this shooting venture (including that expended on the gate) was policed up. My wonder is rather easily promoted to doubt in this case.

    I think we can safely assume that the individual who closed and locked the gate had the authority to do so. (At least more authority than those who drove through the open gate without knowing who owned the land.) Granted, I have no speculation on how I might have handled the locked gate, other than to consider that possibility (along with reseach toward ownership) prior to driving through it.

    Somehow in my life, I've learned to operate without fear of "who is watching me", or constantly under the impression that "something might go down", or taking a significant pile of survival gear (MRE's????) for a daily foray of recreational shooting. A modest amount of equipment always resides with me, and I would not "hate to get stuck out in the woods at night". I would be comfortable (and have been), even without the recently magnified concern regarding phone reception.

    As for "getting an ear full", once again some moderate research might reveal who owns the property, had every right to lock that gate, and the "ear full" can be delivered to the desired destination without waiting to "ever find out". One might be prepared to receive the same "ear full" (or perhaps more) in return, especially if the righteous pride in destroying private property is presented as part of that "ear full".

    As for the original question, when going into the woods (or the range) to shoot, I usually take one gun, as time and effort will be devoted to analyzing its performance (and mine with it). Invariably, the current carry weapon goes too. Sometimes I'll take a few guns of the same "theme" (.22's, antiques, cowboy guns, carry guns, etc.) to compare one against the other. When taking multiple guns, almost without exception, one or two never get out of the case; but nothing wrong with that!
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  19. deadeye

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    Depends on what I feel like dragging with me usually 2-3 handguns and maybe a rifle. If I get bored with those or forget enough ammo for one I walk back to the house and get more along with another cup of coffee.
  20. sadiesassy

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    Depends on where I am going and how much time.
    I tend to focus on shooting skills ( Breathing , site picture etc) vs number of rounds downstream.

    Typically take my 22 rifle and pistol on most trips. - Cheap and fun shooting
    I would also take my S&W 40. for practice

    If I am going to do some longer range shooting - 30 -06 and AR15

    If going to shot some clays - 3 shot guns

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