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Looks like a big pile of dirt to me. But if it's a rock then someone is an idiot. I went shooting at a quarry a couple of times with a friend when I first started getting into firearms. I gave it some thought and decided the convenience of it wasn't worth it. I like more absorbent back stops. :s0155:
Doubt it was a joke. I don't go shooting in the woods nearly as often as I'd like and I've already seen more than my share of stupid things; Targets placed 6' high in a grove a trees, on top of boulders, muzzle swept by an 8 year old, crossfire at a gravel pit. Good or not, intelligence is not a requirement of gun ownership and Darwinism* can only do so much.

*Substitute "Natural Selection". Thanks Mutoman, that's the term I was looking for.
Well, hmmm. At least if you don't hit center target the first time, you have a good chance to hit it the second time through! Brilliant idea! (no one really knows me here, but hoping this is understood as sarcasm)
I've gave up on rock pits awhile back. Many years of shooting and never had a problem. Took my brother-in-law and a few kids out last thanksgiving with the shot guns and and a few .22's to a quarry where I've been shooting many times before. Had one .22 richochet right past my head. First time it has ever happened and it'll be that last. All it takes it one. Glad it didn't hit a kid. Guess that's why they say always be aware of what's beyond your target. Don't know if funny is the right word for the picture.
Looks a lot like a mound of dirt to me. Were you physically present at the location to confirm that it is one solid rock?

Uuuuuhhhhh,I took the picture?
I took the picture because it was a rock?
i posted it on here because I took the picture of a target,on what I personally saw was a huge rock?

So most of the people are pretty good up here.The other end,where I was shooting has a 8' berm that somebody brought their equipment up to, to fix.
Then the county chain gang cleaned up the garbage,that some had bagged up.Maybe showing them the neighbors are armed?;)
120 yards from the opening,both directions.
Next to the rock is a great skeet shooting area.At the end is 40' trees,so at 120+- yards the shot isn't going anywhere.

No more details,as this place is already quite popular.:cool:

BTW,after looking around out there,I would say it's a good idea to take a magnet with you to your shooting area.
About 4 pounds of nails on the ground.Kids burning pallets for parties.
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