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Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by soberups, Feb 7, 2010.

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    What I need; a DAO 9mm, hi-cap, that will serve primarily as a home defense and SHTF handgun, but can also serve as an occasional concealed-carry weapon. In other words, if I am on a road trip or in an area where I want more firepower than a .38 snub, I want to be able to take it out from under the seat of my car and carry it IWB for short periods of time. My normal attire is denim or khaki shorts and an untucked, oversized T or polo shirt. I will need it to be extremely rust-resistant or I will wind up ruining it with sweat.

    I have narrowed my two choices down to the Springfield XD-9c, and the Glock 19. I cant deal with the stubby grip of the G-26. I do not want to deal with any sort of safety or decocker; I have been carrying my S&W 640 and Kel-Tec P-11 for way too long to feel safe carrying a weapon that will require me to use a safety. I recently had and carried a Taurus PT-111 pro, and I liked the gun but I want to move up to the next level in quality.

    How rust-resistant are the Glocks and XD's? That will be a big part of my decison-making process. I'm also interested in the level of customer service that each company offers in terms of warranty work and accessories.

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    Glock 19 sounds like a winner.

    I'd look at it from a survivalists standpoint.
    The Glock is a little more common parts wise as are mags, you can use the G17 as well as the G19 mags. It fires the common 9mm round.

    I'd played with the XD before.. Its nice, and a little bit cheaper.
    (I was looking at a Glock 19 with night sights)
    But over all, I think a Glock 19 would be the better choice. IMO.

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