Gov. Pence rated A by NRA

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    So, if indeed Gov. Pence is going to be Trump's running mate, he's got a positive pro gun history, at least according to this site:Mike Pence on Gun Control (

    He also has a career in politics, so some might say that's good in combo with Trump's lack of career politics (which some would say is good).

    So, as someone who doesn't take much stock in all the promises that get jettisoned after a candidate is elected, I'm more of a single (or few) issue voter, namely guns. Gov. Pence looks to be the antithesis of Biden on gun issues, (which isn't hard since any warm body could compete with Biden).
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    Gov. Mike Pence On Gun Control, Ukraine, His Political Future (

    OK, never heard of him before, but so far I like this guy.


    Found some more encouraging stuff:
    Mike Pence on Gun Control (
    The single-issue voter in me is hopeful...

    Mike Pence - Conservative Watch (
    Conservative watch talks like they want to marry him.

    OK, I'm on board. Vote for Pence! Good choice Mr. Trump.
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