King Rat, waay underrated. One of those see it before you croak movies.

Owing my weight loss and better eating habits to going keto years ago I'm torn. Bert is right on the money - carbs have a direct effect on appetite and therefore mood, attention, etc. If you're starving but don't feel like you're starving I'd wager you're better able to handle pretty much anything than to be starving and feel it.

But... starving is starving. The best option of course is to take in enough calories not to starve. So our preps include carbs - cheap, filling, easy to store long term.

One thing to look into is glycemic index. IIRC spaghetti and rice are "better" than potatoes and wheat, ie have a lower index. Legumes are better than both, so if you're going to do carbs in beans & rice go heavy on the beans, lighter on the rice. The higher the index the more your blood sugar is affected, and the hungrier you feel when you haven't eaten for a while.

You can also bulk up the calories with edible oil, fat. Typical serving of rice and beans is 300 calories. Add 2 tbsp of veg oil to that and you almost double the calories without more carbs.

Anyway, I'm w/ most here. SHTF will mean calories are king, what those calories are way down the list.
'Went walkabout over in Nepal once. Hired some porters for a buck a day. They'd only carry 80Kg of baggage on their back (MAX!). Most of our crap weighed less. 80kg is a lot of weight, multiply by 2.2 to get lbs (176 lbs or so). These guys pretty much only ate rice...just rice with an occasional Dal Baht bowl (lentils), and they carried well over 100lbs at high altitude daily. None of them were overweight, none had diabetes.

Consider that. Then go stock up on rice for when the SHTF. That's what I did.

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