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Mark Smith uses his new <broken link removed>, #Duped: How the Anti-gun Lobby Exploits the Parkland School Shooting—and How Gun Owners Can Fight Back, to highlight the left's overarching goal of creating a gun-free world.
He also uses the book to explain how gun owners can fight back and actually defeat the left and their freedom-crushing endeavors.

Smith was a guest on the June 19 episode of Bullets with AWR Hawkins and he gave a quick synopsis of gun owners' path to victory. He began with a rational comparison of gun crime in the United State versus countries that have stringent gun control:

The countries of the Western hemisphere … if we compare the violence and murder rates of the United States and all the Latin American, Central American, South American countries, almost all of which are basically gun-free zones … Mexico only has a single gun store in the country. Yet if you look at the crime and the murder rates compared to the United States, which has lots of guns, when these other South American, Central American countries which have no private gun ownership rights for all intents and purposes, guess what, we're the safest country in the Western hemisphere, when you compare us to all the those other countries to our South. But no one wants to talk about that on the other side.

He goes into greater detail in his book, but his point is clear–gun laws do not prevent criminals from using guns to commit crime.

Smith then encouraged gun owners to defeat the assault against the Second Amendment by being an "unapologetic advocate for guns and the Second Amendment." He said, "Do not hesitate to defend guns and talk about the importance of guns."

He stressed that gun owners need to talk to friends, neighbors, and co-workers, and have a simple conversation that revolves around how to respond to evil. Smith said he asks people to tell him what they plan to do when "evil comes to their door," when the home intruder is in their house or apartment. Will they call 911? If calling 911 is the plan, he then asks them to think about what police do–they respond to emergencies with guns. He then asks why they do not own themselves, so they can protect their lives between the time they call 911 and police actually arrive.

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