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Hey all,

Oregon Deapartment of Forestey and Trash No Land are in need of some help.

We are looking to perform some modifications to one of the sites as soon as possible as an experiment. Site 1 has a certain profile berm that was simply dumped dirt, not compacted, as well as bumps placed at typical pistol shooting distances. This berm has proven to last through all the shooting and weather thrown at it over the last year. However it leaves for a not so wide berm. Triangle shaped really. So we want to assist, through lane design, the shooter in ease of use.

We are looking for some help to add target holders to site 1 to see how well they would last and or be used. If successful we will look to implement these target holders on the remaining sites.

We need some metal!

More specifically steel pipe. Preferably galvenized. Or something recommended by those in the industry that know more about such things. Preferably something that is rust resistant.

The idea is to place two 1' sections of 2" or slightly larger pipe into the smaller bumps, target placement berms, at lane 1. These will be to promote the usage of 1x2 posts for use with paper targets. Making it simpler to utilize the impact berm correctly. Basically, we want to see if they will promote proper direction of fire, by predetermining the location of the target for the shooter. If used correctly, we hope to see a reduction in non berm impact shots.

If you believe you can donate the steel precut and or your time to help implement this experiment please reach out to me via PM.

You can also reach out to @Cogs

Thanks a bunch!!!


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