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My wife and I went to the shooting area of Wolf Creek this morning. It was our first time shooting there and it was a beautiful sunny morning although lots of heavy fog back in Hillsboro. The first two areas were not being used with one shooter on the 3rd area and a group on the next one and one shooter at the end. We went back and parked at the 2nd lane since it was a small area and we were only shooting pistols.

After setting up and placing my home made stand and targets about 7 yards or so, we started with my wife's S&W .380 EZ pistol. She only got through one mag and a few rounds of the 2nd when a bad round stuck a bullet in the barrel. So we moved to my Springfield XD 9mm and we both took turns shooting that. Although I had to rack it for her (the rack is very stiff) I have to admit she shot better with it than I did but we'll skip over that real quick. :)

We shot about 128 rounds through it and I finished up with putting about 20 rounds through my Colt Trooper .357. After finishing up my wife started cleaning up the brass while I went to jump start a guy's car that wouldn't start. It pays to carry jumper cables. After I got back I finished picking up what little trash there was and as much brass and non-brass cartridges as I could find without having to dig it out of the mud to much. Of course there was the usual spent shot gun shells that people leave laying there as well. Over all though, we only half filled up a garbage bag, so it wasn't bad. At least the people that left the 3 beer bottles didn't shoot them and leave glass spread out. We made sure to take those with us as well.

We had a good time in the hour or so we spent shooting, although my wife would have had a better time had she been able to shoot her .380 more. As we were leaving more people were coming in, so we must have hit it at a good time.

That's exactly why I always take a basic range bag, because it's a long way to go and have that happen, albeit squibs are a rare occasion, I'm ready.
Though a range bag wouldn't have helped, I went up specifically to shoot a new gun and forgot the ammo!!
I did bring other guns and ammo but the mood was spoiled, so I left to console myself with food and beer.
I love stories like this.

@Mike97124 would you mind if @Cogs uses any of it for our webpage?

We are always eager to hear stories and what these lanes mean for the folks using them.
You are welcome, Rick. Even if it wasn't mentioned on here so much, both my wife and I were raised to leave a place "cleaner than you found it". I grew up camping and fishing in the PNW and Alaska and my dad always had us walk the camp site one more time before we left the area. That has stayed with me all my life.

LOL! I know what you mean, thorborg. When I use to go out and do all of my location and outdoor photography I always keep saying to myself, "What did I forget? What did I forget?". I find the times I've gone shooting now I say the same thing to myself. I usually don't realize what I forgot though until I remember... half way there or when I reach for it in a bag.

Reno, sure, no problem, you are welcome to use it. The guy I helped get his car started didn't know about the forum and I told him about it, so hopefully he will join or at least drop in and take a look.


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