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  1. Alexx1401

    TNW Firearms gets an F in customer service.

    For fathers day/ birthday Wife bought me a new mag well trigger group in 45/10mm for one of my TNW PCC’s. Since I could not sell the 9mm one I have I decided to just make one dedicated .45 and one dedicated 10mm since I love both calibers. First trip to range it would fire one round, trigger...
  2. Alexx1401

    Case for Sub2000 & TNW ASR

    I have for years been trying to find a case for my S2K's. I bought one that Kel-Tec sells for these and it does work. Just is so small. It just barely fits the rifles. On one I added a light and it would no longer work. I have used a laptop bag since I bought them. Finally ran across this by...
  3. Alexx1401

    TNW ASR .45 Test report

    Bottom line I LOVE IT!!. I have always been a big time fan of the .45 in a carbine. This one is another hit. The good: It is very compact of course. On par with the Kel-Tec S2K's, fits in a laptop bag. Turned in very good accuracy. Santa made it clear that the only reason I was told about it now...
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