Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. The perception of success of such interactions is dependent on employees "who can adjust themselves to the personality of the guest". Customer service concerns the priority an organization assigns to customer service relative to components such as product innovation and pricing. In this sense, an organization that values good customer service may spend more money in training employees than the average organization or may proactively interview customers for feedback.
From the point of view of an overall sales process engineering effort, customer service plays an important role in an organization's ability to generate income and revenue. From that perspective, customer service should be included as part of an overall approach to systematic improvement. One good customer service experience can change the entire perception a customer holds towards the organization.

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  1. Ungulate

    GSG ATI 1911-.22 Parts!

    This is to inform anyone interested in purchasing GSG firearms through American Tactical International ………. Don’t. I had two warped barrels that were very inaccurate. After upgrading to Dawson sights and Taylor accuracy mods my poi was all over the place. After sending my barrels in, it took...
  2. Hueco

    TAB Gear

    I ordered a rifle sling a week or so ago from TAB gear and, lo and behold, the wrong one was sent. I sent an email asking how they would like to remedy the situation...the response was that they'd, of course, send the correct sling. But, what I didn't know from that correspondence, was that...
  3. g.i. joe

    EP Armory Catastrophic Failure & Customer Service Rant!

    Had a catastrophic failure (see pic) on an EP Armory lower I bought and machined several years ago. I sent it in according to their warranty requirements first week in June, along with a request for credit toward an aluminum lower. Long story short, on June 19 they are asking me what my original...
  4. Kimber Custom

    High Threat Concealment - overpriced, poor customer service

    MAC had a review of HTC's low profile system. Been wanting to pick one up for a few years. Couldn't quite bring myself to spend that much money on a belt system but finally pulled the trigger. After my initial order, I ordered a 2nd pistol mag pouch. The screws were not long enough to assemble...
  5. Levetti

    Anybody have experience with Holosun customer service?

    Just made a warranty claim on a Holosun red dot that was brand new because both windage and elevation adjustment did nothing. I was wondering if anybody has had to make a claim on a Holosun and how did that experience go for you. Their warranty form says they will get back to you within two...
  6. nwslopoke

    Larue MBT trigger customer service

    I purchased a Larue MBT trigger some months back and installed it in my Windham Weaponry AR15. I was very happy with it the few times I had taken it out but did not have a chance to really, give it the berries, as they used to say. Well on my last outing the first time I really started to rapid...
  7. GOG

    Target Sports Customer Service

    I usually buy my ammo from Target Sports because they have good prices and free shipping is included when you buy cases. Last week the wrong ammo arrived and I was quite surprised. I'm a long time customer and this was the first time they made a mistake. So last Friday I called customer service...
  8. Alexx1401

    TNW Firearms gets an F in customer service.

    For fathers day/ birthday Wife bought me a new mag well trigger group in 45/10mm for one of my TNW PCC’s. Since I could not sell the 9mm one I have I decided to just make one dedicated .45 and one dedicated 10mm since I love both calibers. First trip to range it would fire one round, trigger...
  9. WAYNO

    Bushmaster Customer Service, Or Lack Of it.

    Opened a brand new Bushmaster 5-round magazine to do a rifle volley for a Memorial Day service. 5-round magazines make a lot more sense than a 20 round magazine when you're only loading three rounds. I've had it a year or two, again, unopened. I gave it a quick function test, and it would not...
  10. RicInOR


    Instapundit » Blog Archive » WELL, IT’S BARRETT CUSTOMER SERVICE: A Marine’s M107 Sniper Rifle Failed During A Firefight — S…
  11. 41mag

    Great customer service from Bushnell/Tasco

    A while back I posted about the disappointed discovery of a rifle scope barrel coating somehow deteriorating to a black sticky mess that wouldn't clean off with any normal solvents. I bought it about 1995 for a T10/22. It did work fine, but over the decades came to spend more time in the quiet...
  12. Alexx1401

    Ruger Customer Service

    As many know I recently bought myself a MKIV LITE. Wife had bought me a MKIII LITE a couple or 3 Christmas ago and I really loved it. Well while back after cleaning it went together and became a paper weight. Would not function and would not come apart. I had intended to send it back for repair...
  13. IronMonster

    Experience with Aero Precision Customer Service

    So... Here is how this story starts. I have an Aero M5 rifle in .308 that has the enhanced upper and a 12" one of their keymod rails. It was fine but I had another upper that needed assembled and when they where on sale I bought one of the new Gen2 15" keymod rails. All is good, I get...
  14. unionguy

    Love Smith and Wesson Customer Service!

    I needed a new recoil spring for an M&P pistol and they are gladly sending one along, no charge. I'm a fan of the M&P since it came out and their outstanding CS just puts the cherry on top!
  15. 2

    Daily Log -My experience dealing with Botach

    Botach :mad: Days/hours of operation, Wednesday-Friday 7am-3pm Monday/Tuesday, Closed (Jewish Holiday) Saturday/Sunday, Closed Botach - Free Shipping On All Orders | Law Enforcement, Military & Public Safety Products Wed 10-12-16, Ordered online (everything was in-stock) Received several...
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