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The Fairchild Channel F, short for "Channel Fun", was the first video game console to use ROM cartridges, instead of having games built-in, and the first console to use a microprocessor. It was released by Fairchild Camera and Instrument in November 1976 across North America at a retail price of US$169.95 (equivalent to $772.92 in 2020). It was launched as the "Video Entertainment System", but when Atari, Inc. released its Video Computer System the next year, Fairchild rebranded their machine as "Channel F" while keeping the Video Entertainment System descriptor.
The Fairchild Channel F achieved only about 350,000 units before Fairchild sold the technology to Zircon International in 1979, trailing well behind the VCS. The system was discontinued in 1983.

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  1. Iceberg


    Can't believe we can have these without the NFA nonsense. Picked mine up last week and am buying a Hornady closet wall lock for it. For the price of a cheap plastic fantastic handgun, you can have a real "boom stick".
  2. O

    Legal to Build Tac-14

    So now that the Oregon Attorney General finally decided that the Remington Tac-14 is okay to own in Oregon it got me wondering if I could build one using my current Remington 870. I bought an 870 that came from the factory with a pistol grip and I am thinking that if I swap that for a raptor...
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