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Firearm Type
A rifle is a firearm designed to be fired from the shoulder, with a barrel that has a helical groove or pattern of grooves ("rifling") cut into the barrel walls. The raised areas of the rifling are called "lands," which make contact with the projectile (for small arms usage, called a bullet), imparting spin around an axis corresponding to the orientation of the weapon. When the projectile leaves the barrel, this spin lends gyroscopic stability to the projectile and prevents tumbling, in the same way that a properly thrown American football or rugby ball behaves. This allows the use of aerodynamically-efficient pointed bullets (as opposed to the spherical balls used in muskets) and thus improves range and accuracy. The word "rifle" originally referred to the grooving, and a rifle was called a "rifled gun." Rifles are used in warfare, hunting and shooting sports.
Typically, a bullet is propelled by the contained deflagration of an explosive compound (originally black powder, later cordite, and now nitrocellulose), although other means such as compressed air are used in air rifles, which are popular for vermin control, hunting small game, formal target shooting and casual shooting ("plinking").

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  1. S

    Replacement foam for rifle cases???

    Ive got a couple of Plano All-Weather cases and need to get some new foam in there. Ive seen only a couple online... but listed just a basic solid foam, no removable pcs like what it comes with, but wanted $36+tax for it. Anyone know of a better replacement option? I dont care if its cut or...
  2. I

    Rifle scopes

    Vortex diamondback tactical 4-12x40 $sold Nikon prostaff 4-12x40 $100 Nikon prostaff 7 4-12x44 30mm $200 Simmons pistol scope $80 Simmons 6-21x44 $50 Primary arms 1-4 $100 Utg 3-9 $ 70 Pm for any questions
  3. fbcajas0416

    WTS WA  OR, ID Hornady .223 dies w/micro just stem and Lyman ez trim rifle kit

    Dies have been used for about 200 round only. Can include or take off Micro just seater (retail value $30ish) Comes with case holder if needed Still has its spare parts Ez trim rifle kit hasnt been used Has all its parts 0 Asking $50 shipped usps
  4. PicklePugLife

    WTS WA  5000 CCI #41 Small Rifle Primers $200

    I have a small case of 5k CCI #41 small rifle primers "for 5.56 ammunition". Bought them a while back, but have come to the realization that I hate reloading bottleneck cases. $200
  5. P7id10T

    Emdity Rifle Stock

    Thought it was spam when it came to my email account. I have two of their stocks. The LSS XL Gen 1 is not as nice as the Gen 2. Sense of humor....
  6. CountryGent

    North & Skinner Wedge-Lock Revolving Rifle

    This video covers an early repeater. I found interesting, so am passing it along. Cheers.
  7. T

    National  Missouri Bill All to own ar 15 type rifle for legal residents

  8. BrandonOR

    What's your go to ammo in a brand new rifle

    I know every rifle tends to be different in terms of what they like. My 10/22 loves CCI Minimags and Aquila super smelly velocity. I just purchased a Howa 1500 in 223 with a 1:9 twist. Just curious where I should start in terms of ammo, should I start low grain and work my way up? Just jump...
  9. 5w30

    Gas piston vs DI rifle with pictures

    I have a gas piston Ruger AR15 and to me it is vastly superior to the original direct impingement design, sorry Stoner... It stays a hell of a lot cooler and cleaner, has an adjustable gas block and comes with only a small weight penalty vs DI. I know Ruger had some issue with carrier tilt...
  10. S

    WTS WA  CCI Sm Rifle Military, Sm Rifle Magnum & Lg Pistol

    5K (each) of CCI Primers, sealed: Small Rifle Military Small Rifle Magnum $150 each Large Pistol $130 Located in Kenmore WA (N. End of Lake Wa)