National Forest is a classification of protected and managed federal lands in the United States.
National Forests are largely forest and woodland areas owned collectively by the American people through the federal government, and managed by the United States Forest Service, a division of the United States Department of Agriculture.

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  1. benchmark

    WA State National Forest Shooting

    Hello, I reside in Woodinville, WA and am seeking a place that I can shoot outdoors. I am a member of two places that have outdoor ranges nearby, but would like to have the opportunity to fire elsewhere. Are there any recommendations on public land and/or the National Forest that is anywhere...
  2. Zens

    S.1510 Wild Olympics Wilderness and Wild and Scenic Rivers Act - WASHINGTON

    OPPOSE! Here we go once again... another crap version of this 2010 bill that just will not die. This time however, it is gaining steam. Don't get me wrong, I love a healthy and balanced forest and believe some protections hold value and are/may be necessary to ensure these lands last for...
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