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  1. fredball

    Springfield Armory Auctions Off

    Springfield Armory Auctions Off Special Edition 1911 in Honor of Chris Kyle As most legends go, this one started a long time ago and far away. 6,494 miles in fact. The year was 2004. Most know him as the “American Sniper” but his official job was a sniper for Charlie Platoon of SEAL Team 3. His...
  2. Jim Colvill

    We all laugh at people who claim they have Hitler's Mauser...

    ...Rock Island Auctions don't have it but they do have Hermann Goering's PPK. It's expected to go in excess of $250K Historic Hermann Goering Presentation Walther Factory Engraved and Gold Plated PPK Semi-Automatic Pistol with Carved Grips, Personalized Ring and Cuff Links
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