Peep, Peeps, or PEEP may refer to:
Peep (album), by Rasmus
Peep (given name), Estonian masculine given name
Helend Peep (1910–2007), Estonian actor
Peeps, a type of candy
Peeps (novel), by Scott Westerfeld
Stint, a type of bird
Positive end-expiratory pressure, a measure of lung function
A character in the television series Peep and the Big Wide World
Hello everybody peeps a catchphrase from Harry Enfield's character Stavros
The group term for chickens, as in a "peep of chicken"

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  1. Aero Denezol

    Winchester 94 (pre-64) and Williams Peep Sight

    I’ve been looking for an older lever gun to round out my small collection. I have noticed many of the older Winchester 94’s have the Williams aftermarket rear sight. Does this decrease the value of the rifle in any way? How difficult is it to return them to original factory configuration? I know...
  2. Boboclown

    Lack of peep sights?

    Is there a reason most don't use a peep sight? Been looking and most of the ones I've looked at either don't have iron sights or use a notch rear sight.
  3. ditchtiger

    $2 rifle Peep Sight

    Don't know whether to laugh or cry.:eek: Making a $2 Peep Sight For a Mosin-Nagant Making a $2 Peep Sight For a Mosin-Nagant
  4. A

    Thompson Center orig rear tang peep sight #7194

    I'm looking for a Thompson Center Hawken rear peep sight # 7194. If anyone knows of one, or has one they would sell please contact me. thank you
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