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Mmm ... Wow! Well at least he likes the rifle.
I understand that everyone is on a budget and I like the make it from scratch thinking.
But to each his own ... I'm glad that its his rifle and not mine.
"rifle Hell" to me would be having a closet full of them!!!!!

ditchtiger knows how I feel about the Mosin..
It's all good natured ribbing,I hope!
Here are some other improvements to the venerable Mosin Nagant.It seems to me that Bubba just gravitates to these things-

bubba3.jpg 6slduys.jpg ACF277.JPG
So much visual fail there - but if it works for him and hes keeping the rifle, good for him.

Personally I like Mosin's how they come stock. I can see the benefit in a longer bolt, maybe angled down a bit more (not 90 degrees like this BUbba gun) for more leverage and use with scope.

As for the finish choice - not my first choice either. Were I to refinish the varnished stock of a Mosin, I'd sand it well, give it a few coats of a good dark walnut stain, then matte clear coat, then wax to protect it all. But that's just my preference. I've got some wood projects I made 20 years ago in junior high that we did hand rubbed BLO on that have lasted and still get used - and it's OK but not my preferred finish by far.

My idea of "improving" a gun would be to make it better functionally, and aesthetically - not make it uglier. To each his own.
For years these rifles were $79.99 @ Big5, so anybody could own one and clearly did. They sure did go fully retard tacticool on a few. . .
I want to say I got my M38 from big5 and a couple of cases of ammo from either sportsmansguide or CTD for 69.99$ a case (which was a wooden crate with a galvanized liner and a tuna can key that had to be rolled along a seam to open). Now Sportsmansguide and CTD are on the gougewagon I havent ordered from them in years.

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