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Superformance LLC (Superformance Replicars) is an American automobile company that builds, designs, develops, engineers and markets sports cars, related performance components and full replicars. The company was founded as "Superformance International Inc." by Hi-Tech Automotive Ltd. in 1996. Today, Superformance has 15 authorized dealers in the United States and 6 international dealers. SPF cars are sold as "turnkey-minus replacers". In December, 2005 Hi-Tech Automotive transferred the ownership of its subsidiary, Superformance, to American Hillbank Automotive Group, which is a privately owned business of American entrepreneur Lance Stander. Hi-Tech Automotive continue to build Superformance cars at its plant in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

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  1. D

    Anyone using Superformance in 6.5 CM? VV N555?

    So I got a pound of this awhile back to test in my Creedmoor, don't remember the details off the top of my head, but do remember I wasn't wowed by the results. Only ran the one test batch, so I still have a fair amount left, and have since rebuilt my Creedmoor, it's now wearing a longer barrel...
  2. D

    6.5 Creedmoor loads, Superformance powder & ...

    So I just converted my Savage 12 FV from a .223 to a 6.5 CM. I have a fairly new powder, Superformance, and a couple of new bullets, Berger 144 gr. LR Hybrid and Barnes 145 gr. Match Burner, so no published load data. Hey, why make my life easy :rolleyes:? Berger says they haven't updated...
  3. D

    Superformance powder opinions...

    So I just turned my .223 Savage 12 FV into a 6.5 Creedmoor. Got lucky at the Sportsmans Warehouse in Wenatchee and scored a box of large rifle primers, and also snagged a pound of Superformance powder to try. Anyone use this powder in anything, but especially 6.5 CM? The load data suggests...
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