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  1. nickmoon

    SCAR chest rig

    hey all. Doing the defensive carbine class in March. Looking for a chest rig. Have a Scar17. I keep running across these First Spear setups. Seem to be pretty awesome but love to talk with someone who has a setup they like that holds 7.62 Thanks! Nick This is the one I saw eBay First Spear...
  2. B

    How to setup chest rig?

    It has 3 mag pouches for a total of 6 mags and two additional buckle pouches (one on each side) for gear. I have six mags in the 3 mag pouches (2 in each pouch) and a trauma pack in each buckled pouch right now for a total of two trauma packs. I'm considering taking one trauma pack out and...
  3. Squash_edc

    Chest rigs for extra AR mags and IFAK

    I’m looking to get a chest rig to carry some extra AR mags and probably an IFAK for when I go out to the range. What are some decent brands that fit well and arent super cumbersome and also doesn’t break the bank? It doesn’t have to have the option for plates but if it’s a decent deal and a good...
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