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Justice is the legal or philosophical theory by which fairness is administered. The concept of justice differs in every culture. An early theory of justice was set out by the Ancient Greek philosopher Plato in his work The Republic. Advocates of divine command theory argue that justice issues from God. In the 17th century, theorists like John Locke argued for the theory of natural law. Thinkers in the social contract tradition argued that justice is derived from the mutual agreement of everyone concerned. In the 19th century, utilitarian thinkers including John Stuart Mill argued that justice is what has the best consequences. Theories of distributive justice concern what is distributed, between whom they are to be distributed, and what is the proper distribution. Egalitarians argued that justice can only exist within the coordinates of equality. John Rawls used a social contract argument to show that justice, and especially distributive justice, is a form of fairness. Property rights theorists (like Robert Nozick) take a deontological view of distributive justice and argue that property rights-based justice maximizes the overall wealth of an economic system. Theories of retributive justice are concerned with punishment for wrongdoing. Restorative justice (also sometimes called "reparative justice") is an approach to justice that focuses on restoring what is good, and necessarily focuses on the needs of victims and offenders.

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  1. DB is Here

    Other State  Justice Department urges Supreme Court to overturn NYC gun law

    Justice Department urges Supreme Court to overturn NYC gun law - CNNPolitics
  2. thereddog

    Supreme Court Justice Ginburg is dead

    POTUS can call up his next nominee. Until they announce it, she'll be voting like the other democrats from the funeral home. I'm not sure what killed her, the cancer or pneumonia afterwards? Maybe somebody threw a bucket of water on her.
  3. Wayne

    Washington  Senate Law and Justice hearing

  4. Other State  Prosecutor sues Justice Department over man shot 59 times

    Idaho Statesman 12-28-2018 "Prosecutor sues Justice Department over man shot 59 times ATLANT -A Georgia prosecutor is suing the U.S. Department of Justice over its refusal to provide information about how officers shot 59 bullets into a schizophrenic college student. Fulton County District...
  5. 4

    Washington  Nathan Choi for Supreme Court Justice (2nd Amendment Supporter)

    Running for Supreme Court Justice Position 8, is Nathan Choi vs. Steve Gonzalez. The Voter's Pamplet (oddly enough) sends voters to to Steve Gonzalez's web site for information about Nathan Choi, rather than to Nathan Choi's own web site. Simple error? Or naked partisanship? I don't know...
  6. Joe Link

    National  The Justice Department Doesn't Seem to Care If Crazy People Buy Guns

    The Justice Department Is Allowing People Forbidden From Buying Guns Buy Guns
  7. Oathkeeper1775

    Contact the US Dept. of Justice

    :s0084: Your message to the Department of Justice | DOJ | Department of Justice It may be an unholy alliance for some people, but we need their help for now! This was my message to them: "Legal and law-abiding gun owners in America deserve the same vigorous protection under the Constitution...
  8. RicInOR

    National  The Justice Department under Barack Obama directed the FBI to drop more than 500,000 names of fugiti

    The Justice Department under Barack Obama directed the FBI to drop more than 500,000 names of fugitives with outstanding arrest warrants from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. --- I would have changed the title before our new policies came into being I don't see the...
  9. 7

    Justice may prevail for Lavoy's family

    FBI Agent Indicted After LYING About Shooting At Oregon Right-Wing Protester
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