Robert LaVoy Finicum (January 27, 1961 – January 26, 2016) was one of the American militants who staged an armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in January 2016. After it began, the occupying force organized itself as the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom, of which Finicum served as a spokesman. Finicum was the only fatality of the occupation.
On January 26, 2016, law enforcement officers attempted to arrest Finicum and other occupation leaders while they were traveling on a remote highway to meet with supporters in the next county. When Finicum's truck was finally stopped by a roadblock, he exited the vehicle into deep snow, making two motions to his jacket while yelling for police to shoot him, which they did. Officers later found a loaded weapon in his pocket.Prior to the occupation, Finicum lived in Arizona where he made a living as a foster parent and operated a no-income cattle ranch.

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    Justice may prevail for Lavoy's family

    FBI Agent Indicted After LYING About Shooting At Oregon Right-Wing Protester
  2. 3MTA3

    Brown Adds Visibly Increased Security, Claims Threats over LaVoy Finicum

    I'm certain this is also tied into her recently announced plans to increase gun control (but only for law abiding citizens). Now she gets to use "victim" status as part of her rationale for bans and limitations. They are NOT planning for anything gradual. This is going to be a full court press...
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    FBI Corrects The Record On LaVoy Finicum's Involvement In Bombing Attempt ( This is an interesting article. Two things I noted is they "thought" Finicum was...
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