Improved may refer to:
Improved clinch knot, a knot commonly used to secure a fishing line
Improved-definition television (IDTV)
Improved Touring, a category of classifications for cars in amateur road racing
Improved Orion, an American research rocket
LNWR Improved Precedent Class, a class of 2-4-0 steam locomotive originally designed for express passenger work

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  1. RaceFan

    Improved Accuracy with Laser

    I have never used a laser on a pistol until a recent purchase: P938 9mm with an integrated CT red laser. I LOVE IT. A couple of flyers as I was getting used to the 1911-style trigger. The pistol didn't seem to care whether I used 115gr or 147gr. Target at 21 feet. I didn't have a tiny torx screw...
  2. Blowgunner

    .30-30 Ackley Improved

    Who has done the conversion or has one? How do you feel about it, and was it worth it? Debating pulling the trigger on the $100 reamer and converting my model 94's.
  3. Alan12013

    ackley improved guns...

    Does anyone know of any gunsmiths that can perform this "operation" here in Oregon? If I dare stay in this hobby longer then a year I foresee some wildcatting and collecting of old firearms. However, first point of order, I'm considering going the AI route with my Bergara when it's time to get...
  4. M

    .25 Krag Improved

    I have a question regarding custom made reloading dies. I was given a rifle for my birthday that is essentially a family heirloom. It is a .25 Krag Improved built on a Westley Richards single shot falling block rifle that is absolutely gorgeous. This is an old rifle initially built in the early...
  5. Bealzybub

    30.06 Ackley Improved AI

    Heya. Anyone close by have a 30.06 AI? I came across a bag of cases in a buy that I got and before I attempt to sell these fire formed cases I would like to verify what they are and if they're ok. It would be nice to compare to a case that has been fired in that caliber. I'm kinda north of...
  6. rdb241

    The new and improved redesigned rubber band gun

  7. K

    Improved feeding for 10/22's

    I sold my 10/22 a few years back but if I remember right, the chamber had no metal removed in the 6 o'clock area. The .22lr is low pressure so no worries about a kaboom. So I'm thinking if I get another 10/22 I might do a feed ramp mod. This might make otherwise junk mags or mags with worn feed...
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