Ingrid Alberini, known by her stage name In-Grid, is an Italian dancer and singer-songwriter. Her 2003 club song "Tu es foutu", in (English: "You Promised Me"), charted in several European countries, Australia, Latin America and in the United States, where it reached #6 on the Billboard Dance Music/Club Play Singles chart in 2004.

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    Record-breaking, ultrafast devices provide a step toward protecting the power grid from EMPs
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    ‘Cyber Event’ Disrupted Power-Grid Networks in March

    Something happened in March and the Feds are being quiet about it. SECURITY: 'Cyber event' disrupted U.S. grid networks — DOE
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    California - PG&E’s Radical Plan to Prevent Wildfires: Shut Down the Power Grid

    snippet: No U.S. utility has ever blacked out so many people on purpose. PG&E says it could knock out power to as much as an eighth of the state’s population for as long as five days when dangerously high winds arise. Communities likely to get shut off worry PG&E will put people in danger...
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    Off Grid and Poor

    Living Off The Grid When You Are Poor - A brief bit of philosophizing based on my personal experiences. Going off the grid when you are broke can really suck. Being on the grid and poor also sucks, but in different, and often less sucky ways.
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    NIAC report - surviving a catasrophic power outage

    The report in PDF format, released in December, 2018: snippets: The risk posed by a catastrophic power outage, however, is not simply a bigger, stronger storm. It is something...
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    WIRED - The Hail Mary plan to restart a hacked US electrical grid

    The Hail Mary Plan to Restart a Hacked US Electric Grid
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