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The Hugh F. Culverhouse Jr. School of Law at The University of Alabama (formerly known as the University of Alabama School of Law; also known as Alabama Law) located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama is a nationally ranked top-tier law school and the only public law school in the state. It is one of five law schools in the state, and one of three that are ABA accredited. According to Alabama's official 2017 ABA-required disclosures, 84% of the Class of 2017 obtained full-time, long-term, JD-required employment nine months after graduation. An additional 8.4% of the Class of 2017 obtained JD-advantage employment.Approximately 383 JD students attended Alabama Law during school year 2018-2019. 62 undergraduate institutions and 25 states are represented among the class of 2021, and the student-faculty ratio is 6.3 to 1.

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  1. CountryGent

    TACDA, The Threat of EMP ...

    I just received a message from The American Civil Defense Association (TACDA) that the latest journal is out. This addition is devoted to EMP. I have not read it yet, but figured I'd pass it along, in case others find benefit: The Journal of Civil Defense, volume 56, issue 2. Cheers.
  2. CountryGent

    TACDA Membership now free ...

    Membership to The American Civil Defense Association is now free. Being a member gives you access to their journal archive (The Journal of Civil Defense) that has been published from the mid-1960s to the present. (Print copies still require a donation, and since I support their work, I will...
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