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Apologies if this is posted somewhere else. I saw this on and time is short

December 7th is the end of the comment period for the proposed rule. Everyone should read the rule because much of it is based on assumptions by the ATF. Which means people selling guns on our forum for instance could be swept up in this. Current indications are that over 200,000 comments out of 330,000 are positive for the ATF ruling. The gun control groups have learned from us and are flooding the ATF with positive comments.

I am providing two links below. One is extremely easy to use and is provided through Gun Owners of America. The second is to the government website. I urge everyone who hasn't already to make a comment. Today, or certainly no later that Dec. 7th.

Gun Owners of America
Scroll down to where it says "add your name"

Regulations Definition of Engaged in the Business as a Dealer in Firearms

Before you dismiss this as "not my concern" check out this paragraph...

"As a result, the BSCA definitional changes could make some, but not all, intrastate, private firearm transfers subject to GCA recordkeeping and background check requirements" that previously were not subject to those requirements, "if those transfers are made by profit-oriented, repetitive firearms buyers and sellers."
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Under this proposed rule, anyone who is an FFL and surrenders their license would be subject to scrutiny if they resold any firearms acquired through the FFL within 12 months of surrendering their license (discontinuing business). For those of us who collect and trade firearms this is economic warfare.

None of this is in the greater public interest. This is another government power grab propagated by the Neo-Marxist Utopist elites.
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