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  1. Reno

    Oregon and PNW crops, what they look like, how to prepare.

    I’ve got that one saying stuck in my head. ”People will be standing in a field of food and starve to death.” Id like to create a thread of resources for the regions crops. Detailed pictures, and how to actually eat that crop. Wild crops can be included too. DISCLAIMER: I am not advocating...
  2. nobra25

    new to collecting, long time shooter, born predator.

    I'm a little late on the intro, but I joined about 3 years ago and been lurking around since. have met some great people off this site, and purchased some nice pieces in the last year or so from this site and others. Last year a co-worker asked if I would be interested in buying a gun, it turned...
  3. akeefer

    Glock Slides in PNW

    Hey all, Anyone know of a local shop that sells Glock slides and barrels? I know it's a long shot (haha, pun), and hard to get, but just wondered if there was anyone. I know Highline, but he doesn't have what I want yet in stock. ;-) Thanks!
  4. G

    New Member from PNW

    Hey all, new here. From Federal Way, WA area... found this place while searching online for another decent shooting spot (read: NOT range) a bit closer to me. Ran out to Ellensburg yesterday and it was too windy (go figure) to enjoy myself. I miss forums, I'm happy to see an active one... I...
  5. P

    New PNW Member

    Just popping in to say hello to everyone! I moved up here recently and wanted to join the firearm community in the PNW. I came from the very large Calguns forums and had a blast through the years on there. I am primarily a pistol shooter and am starting to get into rifles and shotguns. Looking...
  6. Runs With Elk

    Gun Safe Temperature and Humidity In The Great PNW

    I have a FatBoy safe, 42"W X 24"D X 60"H and it has one 18" Golden Rod in it that I was given several years ago. I know this isn't enough for this safe, so I am wanting to add another heater along with a separate dehumidifier. Tell me what you are currently running that works well, or tell me...
  7. coltdude

    Is cougar hunting legal in any PNW state?

    In Texas, they are a non-game species and may be virtually mowed down with a gun like a mangy coyote, a gopher or a rat year round. I have no personal interest in hunting a beautiful animal as a cougar or wolf for pure sport as it's not something I want to eat anyway. I can only see killing...

    Why the PNW?

    I am curious as to why so many people are moving here.. before I lived here, Oregon and Washington basically were just places on the map you didn't know anything about aside from playing the Oregon trail in school as a kid of course ;) How did y'all end up here? Me I was forced the first time...
  9. Hal OPeridol

    Crayfish in the PNW?

    Are ther any native crayfish in Western WA? Size? Usual habitat? Thanks
  10. B

    Grass seed for lawn in PNW

    Hello again! Just moved into a new place in Aubrun, WA, which is about 30mins south of Seattle. The lawn in the property is in bad shape, tons of weed which I recently sprayed, waiting for them to die off. Want to folks here what is a good grass seed to use for replanting my lawn once the...
  11. F

    New to the forum, new-ish to the PNW

    HI all, thanks for keeping up an informative forum! Moved from SF Bay to Vancouver last year, finally getting settled and looking to meet like minded folks.
  12. Schmack

    Looking for AK Smith/Advice (in PNW)

    Hey, all! I am located in Eugene, Oregon but I often visit the Portland/metro area so I would be willing to go to Vancouver or so too. Completely new to the form I came here looking for any recommendations for an experienced competent gunsmith. I just sent this message to David over at...
  13. tac

    Snow Moon for PNW - TONITE!!!!

    https://komonews.com/news/local/snow-moon-to-make-appearance-on-west-coast-this-weekend?fbclid=IwAR04EOPOyFeTt_nC9_zAWpwlgpFgkClhLvkmpJafvFLkxarz_XZ8-o7liZA Mt Hunter, Denali AK
  14. WAW44

    Safe humidity controls in PNW, what works, what numbers to target?

    If there is a good article/post on this, please point me to it. What are people doing for humidity control in their safes? Golden rod plus absorbents plus fans seems to be the combo that is most effective based on my reading. What are reasonable numbers in terms of humidity, especially in PNW?
  15. P


    For the 3rd year in a row this day is put together to get us like minded AK guys together for a day of shooting. As with the other events it will be held at the Cerberus Training Range in Goldendale Wa. Steve Shields has been great to work with over the years in allowing us to take over the...
  16. S

    One quiver rifle for PNW (mostly WA) big game hunting

    Hi All, I'm an avid bird hunter and am looking to try big game next year. Start with deer then elk. I live close to the mountains and would hunt some on west side (of the cascades) but probably more on the east side. I've read 30-06 is a good all arounder, but for some of the longer shots in...
  17. Haftard

    Where to get lead in the pnw

    I need help finding a reliable sorce of lead in the pnw... Im willimg to pay for it but im not paying more then scrap value. Im located in vancover wa. Is my best bet just sifting threw the rocks and dirt at the local shooting pits?
  18. User 1234

    Satellite phone for PNW

    I want to get a sat phone for use camping and kayaking. Does anyone have first hand experience with hardware and service providers that actually work in this region?
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