The PNW Wrestling Extravaganza were two professional wrestling supercards held by the NWA Pacific Northwest, also known as Portland Wrestling in the U.S. state of Oregon, at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland.

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  1. Fishjager

    We could use some A G's like this in the PNW

    Read this:
  2. Owaissoo

    PNW pow pow page

    Thanks for having me! Awesome webpage
  3. SharkyBruce

    New to PNW. God-fearing U.S navy veteran

    Hi, I moved to Boise area from CA about 15 months ago. I had firearms when young, going shooting at the dumps frequently in my youth. In the Navy, they took us out on the fantail (back of the ship) gave us a shotgun or handgun and told us if we hit the water we were qualified. The only thing...
  4. C

    Chest rigs, pouches? Which? 3 digital camos for the PNW

    Planning out some designs, trim/webbing options... I have these 3 digital camo Cordura fabrics to play with.... My ideas so far; Simple chest rigs; 4 mags plus admin type pockets on the sides, low profile. SOMAV style MOLLE vest/chest harness with matching MOLLE pouches Simpler 3 or 4 mag...
  5. McCoyoioi

    New to the PNW - Kalama, WA

    Hey y’all, I moved here in October and am settling down after nearly a decade of being on the move. The last 6 years I was a site manager, constructing utility scale solar power plants all around the US. While I hinted a bit as a kid, and again a bit in VA and TN as an adult I wasn’t much into...
  6. chadrackbro

    New to the Pacific Northwest

    Hello everyone, I’m new to Kitsap County Washington and the PNW. I like to shoot all types of weapons, the outdoors, hunting and fishing. Thank you for bringing like minds together! Have a great day! Semper Fi, Chad
  7. Nocaster

    Night vision shooting PDX area

    My long awaited night vision set has been produced by TNVC and arrived at my house. UPS left the package on the doorstep, did not get the required signature, and even left a neon green "high value package" sticker on it. LOL. Anyway, all is well. Has anyone here done any shooting on...
  8. Lomeli85

    Hello PNW! New to the area and the site.

    Hi everyone! Moved to Portland 2 years ago and just barely finding this site a couple weeks ago. I'm just a gun enthusiast trying to collect guns that California wouldn't let me. You can probably find in the the FS section drooling over stuff my wife probably wouldn't want me to buy.
  9. Reno

    The best PNW outfit?

    What is the best outfit, if you had to pack one, for the PNW? Does it look like this? What about those poofy jackets everywhere? Are they any good in the rain? Keep you warm yet breath? Or should it be more tacticool? Pants? Should they be waterproof? Who makes good breathable waterproof...
  10. UnionMillsNW

    Staying Dry in the PNW

    Hey Folks, After spending this deer season mostly dry to move into a soaking wet Elk season I started thinking about how important it is to be and stay dry in the outdoors. Staying dry becomes vital if you plan on being in the wild for more than a day (for hunting, hiking, or SHTF). So I...
  11. salmon creek gary

    A Win For Boston Residents, So What's the Status of Lawsuits in the PNW?

    Seems like SAF kicked bubblegum in Boston. While it is cheering to see a 2nd Amendment "win" anywhere in the USA, I never read about the same sort of lightning striking here in the PNW. What is it with that?
  12. WAW44

    PNW mosin expert ? Need a PE scope base mounted.

    Want to put a PE base on my M39. Hex receiver , drilling tapping etc. Anyone done this locally ?
  13. Reno

    Oregon and PNW crops, what they look like, how to prepare.

    I’ve got that one saying stuck in my head. ”People will be standing in a field of food and starve to death.” Id like to create a thread of resources for the regions crops. Detailed pictures, and how to actually eat that crop. Wild crops can be included too. DISCLAIMER: I am not advocating...
  14. nobra25

    new to collecting, long time shooter, born predator.

    I'm a little late on the intro, but I joined about 3 years ago and been lurking around since. have met some great people off this site, and purchased some nice pieces in the last year or so from this site and others. Last year a co-worker asked if I would be interested in buying a gun, it turned...
  15. akeefer

    Glock Slides in PNW

    Hey all, Anyone know of a local shop that sells Glock slides and barrels? I know it's a long shot (haha, pun), and hard to get, but just wondered if there was anyone. I know Highline, but he doesn't have what I want yet in stock. ;-) Thanks!
  16. G

    New Member from PNW

    Hey all, new here. From Federal Way, WA area... found this place while searching online for another decent shooting spot (read: NOT range) a bit closer to me. Ran out to Ellensburg yesterday and it was too windy (go figure) to enjoy myself. I miss forums, I'm happy to see an active one... I...
  17. P

    New PNW Member

    Just popping in to say hello to everyone! I moved up here recently and wanted to join the firearm community in the PNW. I came from the very large Calguns forums and had a blast through the years on there. I am primarily a pistol shooter and am starting to get into rifles and shotguns. Looking...
  18. Runs With Elk

    Gun Safe Temperature and Humidity In The Great PNW

    I have a FatBoy safe, 42"W X 24"D X 60"H and it has one 18" Golden Rod in it that I was given several years ago. I know this isn't enough for this safe, so I am wanting to add another heater along with a separate dehumidifier. Tell me what you are currently running that works well, or tell me...
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