1. Joe Link

    Gun cleaning rods vs cleaning cables/cords/snakes?

    Getting ready to buy a kit (or piece one together). I'm looking to see what people prefer and why :)
  2. Joe Link

    Are Otis cleaning kits worth the money?

    Been meaning to upgrade from my generic bi-mart universal kit for quite some time now. Got some Cabela's gift cards for Christmas, so now might be the time. I'd like to hear opinions on the Otis kits, particularly the Otis elite. It'd be great to buy a complete kit, but does it really have...
  3. 9mm guy

    When or Do You Clean The Primer Pocket When Doing Progressive or Turret Reloading?

    I'm a beginner to reloading doing initial research. When looking at progressive or turret presses, I noticed how one de-primes with one die, then place the primer in the brass at the next stage as well as flaring the cartridge's mouth. (I'm only talking about handgun loading such as 9mm or...
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