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The caplock mechanism, percussion lock, or cap and ball was the successor of the flintlock mechanism in firearm technology, and used a percussion cap struck by the hammer to set off the main charge, rather than using a piece of flint to strike a steel frizzen. The caplock mechanism consists of a hammer, similar to the cock used in a flintlock, and a nipple (sometimes referred to as a "cone"), which holds a small percussion cap. The nipple contains a tube which goes into the barrel. The percussion cap contains a chemical compound called mercuric fulminate or fulminate of mercury, whose chemical formula is Hg(ONC)2. It is made from mercury, nitric acid and alcohol. When the trigger releases the hammer, it strikes the cap, causing the mercuric fulminate to explode. The flames from this explosion travel down the tube in the nipple and enter the barrel, where they ignite the main powder charge.

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  1. D

    Cap and Ball revolvers ... out of stock?

    OK so this panic buying thing is clearly out of control. With the recent panic prices being what they are, I've sold around a dozen firearms and mostly squirrelled the proceeds away, spent a little on dies and whatnot, the occasional Sig ... (Who doesn't have a few occasional Sigs among us?)...
  2. S

    Cap and ball rebore

    I was talking to my father today and he was asking if I knew armorers or gunsmiths in WA who rebore ball and cap guns. He said he called Redmans Rifling and Reboring in Omak and the guy was a jerk. Told my father he doesn’t waste his time and hung up. So, I told I’m I’d ask around and...
  3. L

    I was debating getting extra cylinders for my Pietta , 1858 Army , .44 cap and ball revolver

    Everyone, I was debating getting extra cylinders for my Pietta, 1858 Army, .44 cap and ball revolver. I finally bought a micrometer and the cylinders (nominally) measured: .436 .432 .437 .436 .436 The bore nominally measured .432 I don't know if getting other cylinders would be more...
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