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New .36 Caliber Pietta Cap and Ball Revolver Never fired with many .36 and .44 Cal accessories

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For sale is my brand new, unfired, new old stock, .36 Caliber Cap and Ball Revolver. It was quality made by Pietta over 20 years ago and was stored and never fired.

The frame is case hardened.
Please let me know if You have any questions.

I will not ship.

Comes with a load of additional accessories, including the following:
*1 additional brand new, fluted cylinder with factory installed nipples.
*Sealed Hornady 100 round box of .36 caliber lead balls
*Extra package of 6 brand new nipples
*3 accessory packs, each with with brand new, .44 Cal nipples
*1 brand new powder horn
*Approximately 150 rounds of lead ball .44 Cal projectiles.

A super deal on an this never fired, 20+ year old pistol with so many accessories.

I will meet on the West side of Vancouver, WA.
You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase and provide a snapshot of your DL or Carry Permit.

Thank You,
360-seven, two, one, 7, three, eight, 5

It’s best to text me as I don’t always follow my messages on this site.

6B9E8C5E-9585-475C-8051-4FA8069C9F47.jpeg 644A9B08-CF02-4FDC-AD0C-B87794097D6E.jpeg C39E9AA3-BF67-40A1-9146-76D2234D71CB.jpeg D0E15AE3-0387-4BBE-9F74-7DED73EC2220.jpeg 6BBCA867-78C1-427D-910E-3F54C57CCBCF.jpeg 9345ED90-FD9B-4427-BAB1-B5BAB260116C.jpeg F03FAA62-EC97-4D07-B413-148C0DFAC4B9.jpeg 092D7AF9-7134-4C67-8F39-828559198DA9.jpeg 48DE3EE4-625E-4F4C-9FC4-E5E96331ADC5.jpeg 608E51AB-1841-4B95-B812-F48510EABD82.jpeg F92F7B23-1766-467B-85CE-8061BB97229F.jpeg 24AFC130-A547-4A0C-8671-6B48BAEF1D00.jpeg 54185AA0-CDD9-4F23-B3E5-CECBF54CB558.jpeg A036E59B-D329-4104-9824-C702420A2904.jpeg 40AC5E6A-E1DD-402E-8492-91D34A631F4E.jpeg A4EC3FE1-4AA6-4815-8CBB-CFC54716CEC4.jpeg E1201DAB-31FB-424B-AA57-0B61857D2232.jpeg 54CF0E7A-1A26-46FE-B1E3-1C84B5638D51.jpeg F090C725-5BC2-4AC8-8509-66C3C566F724.jpeg 57F31F78-2CE4-496A-ADC6-E1E7CC9F0601.jpeg 727C31EE-ADEA-447A-AD8D-D7F9CD5A8D37.jpeg 117238A9-C8E4-40DE-8BDE-039B0DBB96FD.jpeg 290190AC-0CEF-4E86-95D6-43222219030B.jpeg
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