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A cap is a form of headgear. Caps have crowns that fit very close to the head. They made their first appearance as early as 3,200BC. Caps typically have a visor, or no brim at all. They are popular in casual and informal settings, and are seen in sports and fashion. They are typically designed for warmth, and often incorporate a visor to block sunlight from the eyes. They come in many shapes, sizes, and are of different brands. Baseball caps are one of the most common types of cap.

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  1. B

    Oregon  Dawson Precision refusing to sell “high cap” mags to Oregonians

    So this is an interesting development. In anticipation of the upcoming Harney County trial starting on the 18th, over the course of the last few months I have been purchasing what i can before the trial potentially moves and 114 possibly implemented. All has been smooth sailing, buying “hi cap”...
  2. joken

    Musket cap prices

    How much were they before the madness? I just saw some for $120/K
  3. Juniper9mm

    Interesting Logo on Policeman's Knit Cap
  4. ilikegunspdx

    YouTube only allowing low cap mags & no suppressors/mods in vids due to pressure from advertisers

    The anti-gunners are trying every single avenue possible and it's going to get worse as they will never be happy with the banned items of the day, they want all guns in private ownership gone. Gun-friendly YouTube alternative, Utreon:
  5. C

    Companies that will still ship hi cap mags to Oregon as of 12/14/22

    Not sure if this thread is redundant but I didn’t see a thread specifically addressing this, if I missed it I will lock this thread. I was trying to order some GSG 22LR drums this morning and told no shipping to Oregon by several online distributors. I finally got a yes from Tombstone tactical...
  6. G

    Oregon  Using high cap mags for competition

    I have a question. I'm curious with the magazine ban are you still allowed to use high cap magazines for competition?
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