I just ordered a CMM Ultimate Brass Catcher so I can mount it on my Strong Case bullseye box and have a convenient "grab and go" pistol box with everything all together. Also, I'm tired of bending over to pick up spent brass. I see other Bullseye shooters on the firing line with them and looks like a time & back saver to me. I'm tall (6'5") so I got the one with the longer 20" adjustable stem.

Ultimate Brass Catcher, optional 20” stem
We have the Caldwell ones that quick attaches to the rail, along with a few extra rail quick attachers for various AR's (carbines, rifles & pistols). Super handy!

Not so keen on the big "basket" type catchers, but it would be handy for bench or prone rifle.

Pistol, just starting to get comfortable with draw & motion, so nothing would help there, but more back excersises & losing weight...;)
It has been years since I have shot any Bullseye pistol, But I thought there was some rule that you had to be able to see through any brass catcher/deflector.
I know that some folks would have a piece of 1/4" mesh hardware cloth that they would clip on to their box to keep the shooters next to them hot brass from going down their necks...
However, I most likely am mistaken...
I do know that when I used to shoot rimfire Bullseye pistol at Centralia, I had to argue that an elastic wrist brace fell under the "artificial support" rule, and couldn't be used....

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