Alliant International University is a private, benefit corporation higher education institution based in San Diego, California. The university is also known as Alliant. It offers programs in six California campuses — in San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Irvine, Sacramento, and Fresno — and three international campuses — in Mexico City, Mexico; Tokyo, Japan; and Hong Kong. Its enrollment is approximately 4,000 students, of whom 95% are post-graduate.

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  1. fmiller

    minimum load for Sport Pistol & 9mm 115gr?

    Hi! I did a ladder test yesterday (25-yds, sandbags, 9mm 115gr Barnes, Tanfoglio Witness Match) with new-to-me Alliant Sport Pistol powder. My best group was with 3.8 grains. I'd like to go lighter to see if they tighten up any, but am finding it tough to find data online. Do any of you have...
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