1. FreedomPI

    Taurus/Smith Cost difference

    I have no experience with Tarus, on the 38/357 revolvers Smith is about 200 more. Anyone know if the Tarus is really not worth buying?
  2. O

    Primer brands. Do they make a difference?

    Say I work up a load with Federal primers and I switch to Winchester or CCI. Will there be a difference in velocity or accuracy? I ask because I have about 150 of each of these 3 brands. Thanks John
  3. ddjchemist

    Why would 3 near-identical 6.5mm bullets produce 30/1000 of an inch difference in lands measurements?

    I reload 6.5 CM for my Tikka Tac A1 and primarily shoot Hornady ELD-Match bullets. For every new box of these Hornady bullets, I take 3 random bullets and measure lands distance using Hornady tools. Lands distance from the previous box was within 5/1000 of an inch for 3 measurements using 3...
  4. Local Loader

    Difference between H4350 and Reloader 26

    I'm unsure about the behavior difference between H4350 and Reloader 26? Anyone have experience with both in same caliber and weights?
  5. D

    What a difference a bullet makes...

    So I was at the range yesterday shooting test loads in my Creedmoor. Started with 144 gr. Berger Long Range Hybrid Target (who comes up with these names :confused:?) and VV N555, SD's were looking excellent across the entire range of charge weights, only one out of 10 was over 10, and 4 were...
  6. 9

    9MM - What's the difference (that makes the difference)?

    Wondering what the difference is in 115gr and 124gr (other than weight in grains)? I dont have a grain scale and some of my ammo was mixed, and try as I might, I cant seem to be able to figure out what difference 9 grains actually makes in the "real world"... And when, out of curiosity I put a...
  7. B

    AR pistol brarrel length - 10.5" vs 8.5" big difference in terminal ballistics?

    I keep reading they say 10.5" should be the limit. Does 2 inches really make THAT big of a difference for an already neutered barrel?
  8. C

    Difference in loading handgun compared to rifle.

    So I'm thinking that it's time to start reloading for my new 10mm "ghost gun". I've definitely got the hang of rifle. Is there anything that I should know? BTW this is a Glock 20 with a lonewolf match stock length barrel. Thanks James
  9. The Heretic

    The difference between living in the city and the boonies...

    Took a walk up the road yesterday. One neighbor (the surgeon) was helping another neighbor with building his shop by using an excavator to move some drainage rock around. When that was done, the neighbor building his shop brought out his new deer rifle to show off. Another neighbor drives by...
  10. J

    What Difference does it make ?

    Here's an oldie for shut ins. This is the real deal from the horses mouth. I'm surprised it hasn't been deleted on youtube. Maybe because it seems terribly boring.. But the information is real.. Reece Commission
  11. Capn Jack

    Patches do make a difference

    I had an opportunity to exercise my Matchlock Musket Sunday and verify P.O.A. of the new sight I had installed. I thought I would try some new patches. I have been using cut to size, "T" Shirt material. The new patches were 2" round, cotton, "Make-Up" pads. First, I seated the ball, (Marble)...
  12. 9mm guy

    223 vs 5.56 brass difference

    I don't own a rifle that fires these calibers but I know the general difference between the two. I happen to commonly collect tons of these brass from the range. And so for all you rifle owners who reloads these calibers, would you want a brass seller like me to separate the 223 vs 5.56 to sell...
  13. Mikej

    What's the difference in these .30-06 rounds?.....

    Besides one's 150gr FMJ for M1 Garand and the other 150gr SP with no mention of Garand. PPU PP3006G Standard Rifle 30-06 Springfield 150 GR Full Metal Jacket 20 Round Box - 30-06 Springfield - Rifle Ammo...
  14. DB is Here

    National  Gun Rights Made All the Difference for These Intended Victims

    Gun Rights Made All the Difference for These Intended Victims
  15. 9mm guy

    Is there a big difference between Unique vs Bullseye powder? 9mm Powder recommendation?

    I know these are two of the more popular powders, especially for 9mm. The cost between them are similar. For all you experienced reloaders who may know, is there much difference or advantage between the two? They must be different somehow, otherwise they would not be two separate powders. Also...
  16. ThemGunsThough

    How to tell difference between bull barrel and heavy barrel?

    Hi all, so I recently traded for another AR15. It is a Bushmaster XM15-E2S A2 style. My buddy told me it has a bull barrel on it. It is definitely a heavy barrel. I was wondering if anyone could explain how to tell the difference between a bull barrel and heavy barrel for the AR15? Thanks in...
  17. Dave Workman

    Armed Citizens make a difference

    Armed Citizens Making a Difference The number of justifiable homicides by armed citizens has been creeping upward over the past several years, and according to an article at the Crime Prevention Research Center website, 2017 closed out with nearly two dozen incidents in which gun-toting private...
  18. awshoot

    Weighing Bullets -- how much difference matters?

    I had a sweet hunting load developed for 6.5mm 140 gn Hornaday SSTs but it sounds like, at least from the place I usually buy my stuff, that those are getting replaced with 143 gn ELD-Xs. So I've been trying to develop a load for those bullets and just having a devil of a time. To give you...
  19. pinne65

    308 normal difference in case volume / thickness.

    I've exclusively been buying Nosler custom comp 175gr bthp ammo and reloaded it afterwards. I might have bought 168 gr once. But I'm not sure since I don't have the box any more. While checking the cases during the reloading process I found a 15gr difference in weight between 20 of the cases...
  20. jackrv

    Difference between AR pistol lower and Rifle lower

    This is probably not the right place but, for those who build, what is the difference between a lower used on a pistol and a rifle? Jack
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