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Black bear may refer to:
American black bear (Ursus americanus), a North American bear species
Asian black bear (Ursus thibetanus), an Asian bear species
Maine Black Bears, the athletic teams representing the University of Maine
Berkshire Black Bears, a minor league baseball team
West Virginia Black Bears, a minor league baseball team

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  1. The Heretic

    Man Attacked by Black Bear Kills It With an Axe

    This Man Was Attacked by a Black Bear. He Killed It with an Axe. The pics on the page are weird for some reason - if you right click on them and open in a new tab you get a poor res but somewhat discernable photo.
  2. djharteloo

    Thinking about a dedicated black bear rifle, thoughts?

    So I'm thinking about getting a rifle specifically for using for black bears only, why? because I want one :D I'm thinking of a larger then a 30 caliber, some kind of well proven action, shooting around a 200 grain bullet. .338 federal? 35 Remington? 35 Whelen? bolt gun? Lever? Single shot...
  3. Blowgunner

    Fall Black Bear season

    Oregon fall bear season opens tomorrow. Getting the Blackhawk ready tonight. Anyone else gearing up for fall bear?
  4. GOG

    Finally saw a black bear here

    I know they're supposed to be around, but this is the first time in the six years I've been here that I've seen one. He was about deck level across the creek and browsing through tree stumps for goodies. He was maybe five feet or so long and looked really healthy. We think that with all the...
  5. U

    anyone interested in bear and cougar in the Mt Hood area?

    I have lived in welches for a couple years and will be hunting bear and cougar this fall. I have already gone scouting three or four times and I was wondering if there was anyone in the area or interested in hunting the area this fall for bear and cats. Seems like everyone has elk fever, hunts...
  6. Bear Bullets

    A buddy wants me to accompany him this year for fall black bear. While I'm too cheap to buy ammunition, I'm looking for suggestions on reasonably priced and readily available projectiles for black bear. Naturally I'll be rolling our own for this expedition. Here are the details: .308 1:12...
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