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The Martin B-10 was the first all-metal monoplane bomber to be regularly used by the United States Army Air Corps, entering service in June 1934. It was also the first mass-produced bomber whose performance was superior to that of the Army's pursuit aircraft of the time.The B-10 served as the airframe for the B-12, B-13, B-14, A-15 and O-45 designations using Pratt & Whitney engines instead of Wright Cyclones.
A total of 348 of all versions were built. The largest users were the US, with 166, and the Netherlands, with 121.

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  1. ddjchemist

    Any Bergara B-14 Timber Users

    I am considering getting a bolt rifle in 308 Win and I narrowed down my choices to Winchester M70, Browning X-Bolt and Bergara B-14 Timber. From these 3 rifles, I am leaning to Bergara because the barrel is the shortest of the three and its walnut stock looks gorgeous (my rifles must have wood...
  2. ricksmunn

    Bergara B-14 Rimfire 22lr

    With the release of the new Bergara B-14 R I thought I would be good to get a thread started about it. It looks like an incredible rifle that is perfect for precision 22lr competitions like NRL22 and others. I have been shooting PRS for several years and have been wanting a good 22lr to use as a...
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