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50 bmg

  1. B

    WTS/WTT OR  50 Bmg lake city

    I have 43 pcs 50 bmg lc01 and no way to use them.2.00/pc or trade for ammo for m1 garand...maybe something else if it interests me... ya never know.
  2. B

    WTS OR  50 bmg 43 pcs

    I have 43 pcs of 50 bmg ammo in links. 100..00.Possable trade for Sr 7625 powder or .556 ammo or m1 garand ammo.
  3. B

    WTT OTHER  50 bmg

    I have 43 rounds of LC 01 50 bmg in links.Im mostly interested in a trade for 3006 suitable for a m1 garand.I have enblocs so it could be loose ammo.I might be tempted with other trade goods.
  4. JackFrost

    WTS OR  50 BMG API Silver Tip 150 Rnds $385

    Selling 150 Rnds of API silver tip, Lake City brass once reloaded, stored in 50cal cans with dessicant packs. Online prices are $2.65-2.75 a rnd plus shipping. I figure $2.56 a round is pretty fair. Located in Redmond OR. Not willing to travel! Local pickup only unless you want to pay shipping!
  5. filsonhand


    Hello All I'm looking for a few 50 BMG dummy rounds for a project. Thanks
  6. T

    WTS WA  Complete BOHICA 50 BMG w/Scope & Ammo

    New BOHICA 50 BMG bolt action AR upper with matching lower, parts, Vortex scope and assortment of ammo. Complete package for $3000. Not interested in trades at this time. Trying to pare down the safe to the ones I use and build those up. I purchased and built several of these rifles. I found...
  7. CountryGent

    The Florence Rifles, Research Help, and Memories.

    Curious title, no? Allow me to explain ... So, I started reading the book Panic on the Pacific: How America Prepared for the West Coast Invasion, by Bill Yenne. As one can gather from the title, it covers the fear that gripped the west coast in the wake of Pearl Harbor and the steps taken by...
  8. TacPro1O1

    WTS WA  Bushmaster BA50

  9. TacPro1O1

    WTB WA  XM33C 50 BMG

    Let me know your location and your price.
  10. GFO270

    WTS OR  50 BMG Brass, Bullets, Dies

    - Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension 2-Die Set for 50 BMG. Retails at Midway for $284. - RCBS Ammomaster Single Stage Conversion Kit. Retails at Midway for $154 - I also have the shell holder, the brand of which I am not sure. I think it is RCBS because it fits into my RCBS Bigmax reloading...