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50 bmg

  1. B

    WTB OR  50 BMG API rounds ...

    looking for market rate .. $2.50 a round ish ( or more/less ) Let me know what you have thx
  2. J

    Looking to Shoot Med-Long Range 50 BMG, Any Places?

    Greetings, Decided to continue down the 2A checklist and looking to check mark down the .50 BMG box. However I am concerned that there are very limited, if any, areas to shoot such a round. Does anyone have insight on where in Oregon can we shoot 50 BMG or if there are any ranges that have...
  3. T

    WTS OR  Barrett 50 Bmg brass

    I have 80 rounds of Barret once fired brass. They come in nice plastic ammo boxes also. $100 plus shipping.
  4. T

    WTS OR  50 BMG Reloading Dies & Tools

    I have some 50 BMG reloading dies and tools I no longer will be needing. They are all in excellent condition and have little use on them. CH/4D resizing and seater die. $275 shipped CH/4D deburring tool. $25 shipped K&M case length trimmer. $50 shipped K&M primer pocket tool. $35 shipped
  5. T

    WTS OR  New 50 BMG Brass

    I have some new 50 BMG brass for sale. First up is 100 pieces of new PMC brass, $175 shipped. Next up is 200 pieces of new primed Winchester brass. These also have some sort of sealer applied in the necks, $350 shipped.
  6. J

    WTS/WTT ID  50 BMG Brass

    50 BMG brass. 700 + pcs of 50 BMG brass. All once fired most is all IMI match. Each case has been weighed and sorted accordingly. Not sure of the value so, Make offer. Please call or text 208 827 2406 for pics or info.
  7. A

    WTB WA  50 BMG Upper

    Looking for a 50 cal BMG AR upper. Safety Harbor, Bohica, Valley Ordnance Works, etc.
  8. spider

    WTS OR  50 bmg Tungsten core AP projectiles

    Hello, I inherited 1968 pieces of 50 bmg tungsten core AP bullets. These were stored in military ammo cans, I inspected each round and there is still painted tips and no rust or fouling on the copper coatings. I am asking $3.00 a projectile or best offer. Thank you.
  9. Mooseknuckles

    WTT WA  50 bmg or 338 lapua

    I have a snap on klr 1033 tool box for trade. It is 72 inches long with 23 draws. I have had it for a couple years. It has a stainless top. The box is in good condition. Want to trade for Barrett 50 bmg or high end 338 lapua. Would also take a desert tech srs rifle. Trade value is $5000...
  10. B

    WTS OR  20 rnds m17 tracer 50 BMG . $65

    Newly purchased not remanufactured Milsurp 50 tracer ammo . Lake city brass unlinked from a 100 link of m33 Ball ammo .. just selling off the 1 in 4 tracers Not pulled and reloaded .. around 2013 manufacturing Pick up in Beaverton 26/217 area
  11. S

    WTS/WTT OR  50 BMG stuff

    I have for sale 100 brass new cases. 250 bullets 650 grain And a laser bore sighter with batteries $200 for all. Trades are welcome, 45 ACP or 45 Long Colt brass or 45 caliber bullets. Will take large pistol primers.
  12. Who The F R U

    400 rounds of 50 BMG down range in 10 second's

    I sat this one out due to a malfuncton with one of my gun's :( Enjoy..
  13. bolus

    50 BMG uppers from McCutchen Firearms

    Since @McCutchen was nice enough to start an account to answer questions in my old build thread I thought I's start a new one for better visibility. I had a 50 BMG upper from Zel Custom's (Tactilite) that I put on a 80% single shot lower. Its a solid upper and had no problems. Zel Custom's...
  14. IronMonster

    So I just bought a .50 BMG... Help me set up a loading outfit?

    I have not reloaded in 25 years and really for the shooting I do buying cheap bulk ammo has been just fine... Until yesterday. I bought a Barrett M82a1 semi auto .50. I bought a few hundred rounds of cheap factory ammo at about $3.30/rd and its the last time I want to do that. So I am...